Swamp Thing Complete Series: Review

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With the disappointing news of WanerMedia canceling Swamp Thing a few months back due to high cost of taxes in North Carolina. The series completed it’s 10 episode series yesterday on the DCU app . Even though the series was canceled the series does have it’s own conclusion, and the series can be viewed as a standalone series and best adaptation of Swamp Thing and his world, outside of the comic books. The series takes a lot of inspiration from Len Wein, Alan Moore, and Scott Snyder’s comic book versions of Swamp Thing. (Minor Spoilers)


The practical effects from the series is presented beautifully. The show did a great job using the practical effects to bring Swamp Thing and his swamp alive. I enjoyed Andy Bean’s portrayal of Alec Holland is the show. He did a fantastic job bring the character to life on screen. Derek Mears who was in the Swamp Thing suit, did a great job bring Swamp Thing to life on the screen. This is the truest look and story we have seen Swamp Thing from the comic books. The series does a fantastic job respecting the source material from the comic books and adding some new things for the show. This is a true horror show from the comic books of Swamp Thing. Crystal Reed who co stars in the show as Abby Reed does a phenomenal job with her performance as Abby Reed. You buy her as a scientific researcher, and how she cares about the people around her who still matters to her in Marais. I enjoyed the chemistry between Crystal Reed and Andy Bean on screen..

Avery Sunderland played by Will Patton does a great job carried the series as one of it’s main antagonist. He does a great job in his performance in making the audience hate him in the series. The other antagonist is Jason Woodrue, who is better known as The Floronic Man from the Swamp Thing comics as his other main villain in the series. Woodrue is played by Kevin Durand. Kevin brings a charismatic voice to the character that works extremely well on screen. Audience will buy him as a obsess scientific researcher who will do what is necessary to find his break through discoveries from his performances. Other principle supporting characters such as Jennifer Beals who plays Sheriff Lucilia Cable, actor Henderson Wade who plays Officer Matt Cable, Liz who is played by Maria Sten, Maria Sunderland played by Virginia Madsen, and Ian Ziering as Daniel Cassidy known as Blue Devil all give a great performance in their roles from the show.

We get a surprise guest from Phantom Stranger who is played by Macon Blair in the show. We do see him in his tradition look in episode 9. The series does plant seeds for a hopeful Justice League Dark with Blue Devil, Phantom Stranger and Madame Xanadu played by Jeryl Prescott is the show. With the show getting cancelled because of budget issues that appears unlikely to happen. The look for Blue Devil in practical effects is well done. The character does get his moment in the series for Blue Devil and Justice League Dark fans. The series does try it’s best to wrap everything up from this season in episode 10 called “Loose Ends.” The action scenes we see Swamp Thing is capable of is spot on and plays perfectly with the horror element they put in the series.


The biggest con is WarnerMedia cancelled a very good unique series that is not on any other streaming services app, or cable network. There is some things in the series that can be slow at times especially after the 5th episode that feels a bit of a drag.

OVERALL 9.5/10

Swamp Thing does a fantastic job bring the mythology to life from the comic books base on Len Wein created character, and the twisted stories from Alan Moore’s comic book run. Season one does a great job world building the dark world of Swamp Thing. Even tho the series is cancelled we do a get a surprise ending of what could’ve fleshed out in season 2 which will put a giant smile on long time Swamp Thing fans. I highly recommend audiences to watch the series, now that all 10 episodes are release. I hope some maricial chance we get a season 2 on the HBO Maxx streaming services that WanerMedia plans to introduce next year. There is other places they can shoot the series other than North Carolina. If you are looking for a good horror and grotesque series Swamp Thing is it.


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