Spider-Man Far from Home Movie: Review

With The Averngers End Game movie as the most anticipated movie of the 2019 year. The second most anticipated movie of this year in my opinion is Spider-Man Far from Home, because of the fallout conclusion to End Game. Does Spider-Man Far from Home live up to the hype after End Game and is it the greatest Spider-Man live action movie ever? (MINOR SPOILERS)


There’s lots of things to love about Spider-Man Far from Home. Tom Holland continues to make his case as the best Peter Parker/Spider-Man yet. Peter Parker just like in the Comic book continues to have bad luck when things start to look good for him. We get a lot of bad luck Parker in Far from Home. Marvel Studios continues its success with Spider-Man villains. I loved Michael Keaton’s Vulture from Homecoming, and Jake Gyllenhaal as Mysterio continues the trend to show why Spider-Man’s rogue of villains are one of the greatest in Comic book history. Jake Gyllenhaal brings Mysterio to life and shows why hes another great foe to go up against Spider-Man.

Zendaya as MJ, Jacob Batalon as Ned, and Tony Revolori as Flash Thompson all doesa tremendous job in playing their roles once again. I love the Ned and Peter Parker’s friendship. The chemistry between Tom and Jacob is so good!

Samuel L. Jackson reprise his role as Nick Fury in the MCU and continues to make anyone he works with look like million dollar star. I enjoyed new supporting cast member J.B Smooth as one of Peter’s teachers. He was very entertaining and having fun with his character.

The Spider-Man action is beautifully done and a lot of great action shots. Especially when he battles Mysterio. One of my favorite moments from the movie is a scene Peter and Happy shares together, that will have audiences reminisce of how important Tony Stark was in the MCU. We get a lot of easter eggs and a surprise Marvel Zombie easter egg!


As a long time Spider-Man fan I did not like Marvel Studios giving a new name to one of Spider-Man’s important abilities. It was very cringing when Happy and May giving it a new name with Peter feeling ok with it. The other change is Marvel Studios drop Aunt from Aunt May, and having her called just May which made feel like she’s not that important to Peter Parker. With her in on Peter’s secret and trying to make money off it feels very out of character.

There wasn’t any built up to MJ and Peter liking each other from Homecoming. Their interest in each other liking each other felt very force and not natural.

OVERALL: 8.5/10

Spider-Man Far from Home lives up to being a great summer blockbuster movie. It is perfect to go and see during the 4th of July, four day weekend. This movie is action pack from start to finish. However I highly recommend everyone who sees this movie to stay during the credits. Spiderman Far from Home is deffently one of the best Spider-Man movies to date, but IMO Spider-Man 2 is still the greatest Spider-Man movie of all time.

We get a mid credit scene that will blow all long time Spider-Man fans and Rami Spider-Man movie fans away by a surprise appearance of someone who is important to the Spider-Man mythology and the actor who plays him. The mid credit scene sets up to what we could be seeing in the next Tom Holland’s Spider-Man movie. Spider-Man Far from Home continues the successful Marvel Studios comic book movie run.


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