My Opinion: What is going on with Warner Brothers?

It’s been 2 weeks since Warner Brothers canceled the Swamp Thing series, after the pilot was release created many people to lose their minds. In my opinion I wasn’t surprised Swamp Thing was cancelled, because they shut down production a month ago, before the pilot was release and that is never a good sign for a show. Whatever excuse Warner Brothers wants to bring as their damage control to get their fans to comedown, by using a petty excuse of taxes for the reason as why it was shut down.

The truth is many entertainment journalist or bloggers like myself believe this is the first sign of AT&T who now renamed their new toy called WarnerMedia is going to move dorward in creating a bigger streaming service app, to compete with Disney and Netflix.

What’s The Story?

For a lot of people who are not aware, because of the media attention of Disney buying out Fox. AT&T bought out Time Warner last year around this time for a reported 78 billion dollars, which is now at a total of 108 billion dollars, because of the debt Time Warner was in before the buyout. For DC fans this means the idiots who destroyed Justice League, and rushed the DCEU have been gone for way over a year since the release of Justice League. Originally Time Warner did not have interest in a bigger streaming service which is why they created the DC Universe streaming service and their Hanna Barbara app for their DC and cartoon fans. However that’s changed, because there is a new power in-charge over at Warner Brothers and that’s AT&T.

Here’s the link the below


What does AT&T own?

AT&T bought out Time Warner, which means that AT&T owns the rights to their well known brands such as HBO,Warner Brothers, DC Comics, and Turner Cable Networks such as TNT, TBS, and CNN.

In a recent story by CNN article by Hadas Gold, has both Time Warner and AT&T going to court because the the justice department rejected the bid, however it was overturn in favor of AT&T purchase of AT&T. In the article it is documented that AT&T reason to buyout Time Warner is to owed the media content to compete with Disney and Netflix by creating their own streaming service. You can read the article below as it is a good read, and reason why the buyout or merger.

What’s Next?

Now that AT&T has beat the Justice Department. They can now moved forward with their changes and their plans to Time Warner and their vision to what they are expecting to do with their new brands under Time Warner that is now called WarnerMedia.

MY Thoughts

It is very disappointing to hear Swamp Thing live action series is cancelled on the DC app. I am enjoying the series and I am treating it like a standalone series. The tax thing excuses that is out their on the internet from WarnerMedia as to why the show is cancelled is a way to handle the public chaos control from fans. On a positive tho since the new regime by AT&T took over Warner Brothers they have been doing a good job with DC Comics and their content from the movies side, like Aquaman was positive hit with fans, and made a billion dollars and having their second DC movie in Shazam! as a critical and financial success. Their next slate of DC movies is Joker, Birds of Prey, Wonder Woman 84, The Batman and The Suicide Squad. All of these movies appear to have a better structure direction after the emerge of AT&T and Time Warner moving forward. The old regime from Time Warner did not want to compete with Disney and Netflix but the new regime does and has a vision for it.

In my opinion WarnerMedia will be folding their DC app, sometime next year after they have all of their content back from Netflix, Prime, and Hulu. Once those shows and movie contract expired from those streaming services I expect WarnerMedia to announce their streaming service sometime next year as in the Spring of 2020. In my opinion the DC app will still continue to release content that is already set for production such as Titans Season Two, Harley Quinn animated series, Star Girl series and Young Justice season three part two. No word if Doom Patrol season two is green light yet. Hopefully it does happen, but with the neg-ma of not knowing the future of the DC Streaming Service going into 2020 keeps it in doubts.


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