What I hope to see in The Batman movie

On Friday May 31st 2019, Warner Brothers finally gave an official announcement that Robert Pattinson will be Batman, in Matt Reeve’s The Batman movie. Variety is one of the first websites yesterday to report it, however Justin Kroll from Variety broke the news a few weeks ago on tweeter. Part of the new news that came from yahoo.com reported that Robert Pattinson signed a three movie deal for a possible Batman trilogy. Yahoo.com also added that t pre production for The Batman movie starts in the fall of this year. Now that we finally have our new Batman who is set for a standalone movie in June 2021. I wanted to write what I hope we see in the next Batman film.


By now everyone knows Batman’s origin story. We’ve seen it way to many times in his past movies from Batman 89, Batman Forever, Batman Begins, and Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice. Batman fans like myself want to see Batman already established in Gotham City as the Dark Knight protector who is made his val to save Gotham from crime. We don’t need to see how he got his toys, his suit and all the cool things he carries and creates. Nolan’s Batman Begins filled in all of the blanks for new Batman fans who want to know his origin story can go watch that film. We all want to see Batman at his absolute best and saving Gotham City from the next big threat in his city.


With Matt Reeve’s on record for saying his Batman movie will be a detective take on the character that we have yet to see. I think a character like the Riddler would be perfect main villain for that Batman detective story, because Riddler loves to present riddles or clues to prove he is smarter than Batman. The Riddler will never give Batman the answer to his riddles, because his whole goal is to outsmart Batman with his schemes or plans he is trying to accomplished. I would love to see a new take on the Penguin as being more of a side villain Batman encounters in similar way the Scarecrow’s role was in Nolan’s The Dark Knight trilogy. Hollywood Reporter, reported that the Penguin, The Riddler, and Catwoman will be appearing in the movie. It would make sense to have the Riddler and Penguin to appear in this movie, because they were not used in Nolan’s TDK trilogy. I would like to see the Reaper from the Batman the comic books become the main villain. Most audiences who do not read the Batman comic books will find this character to be a good villain for Batman to flesh out his detective skills, solving the mystery of who is the Reaper.


I know Forbes reported Robin will be featured in The Batman movie. Since this is the first movie of Pattinson’s Batman trilogy. I think it would be smart not to have Robin or any of Batman’s partners to be heavily featured in the Batman movie. I think we want our focus to see what Pattinson brings as Batman and the Gotham City Matt Reeve’s is creating around his Batman. I am fine with Dick Grayson being mentioned or is featured in the batcave, but he’s not going on this Batman detective adventure. Dennis O’Neal and Neal Adam’s Batman comic book run had Robin doing his own thing like going to college or on his own missions. Bruce Timm’s Batman the animated series in the 90’s did the same thing with their Robin, because these creators wanted to write Batman at his best when he is solo. I think featuring Robin in a Pattinson’s Batman sequel would be better, because their partnership could be a sequel story.


I do not want to see Batman become reckless and not care for human life. I do not want to see him kill anyone. His moral code is the biggest core of his character that separates him from becoming a mad man like his villains. His moral code or his humanity is his own villain he wrestles with when he is tested in situations when he has to save someone like one of his villains who doesn’t deserve it. It’s very important Matt Reeves respect the source material from the comic books. I have good feeling he will.


We’ve seen enough of the all black suit in seven Batman movies, before Ben Affleck’s Batman. I am hoping Matt Reeves keep’s Batman’s suit grey and not all black again. I think most Batman fans want to see the comic book accurate suit, as his bat suit went through changes in the comic books over the last seven years that will work for a live action film. The second thing I am hoping we don’t see in The Batman movie is the Joker. The character needs a break and he should be saved for a third Pattinson’s Batman movie. The character within the last three years is over used in the movies. The Joker was a waste in Suicide Squad movie, and is getting his own standalone movie later this year plus he is set to cameo in the Birds of Prey movie next year. The character in my opinion needs a break for now. The character needs to be used when there’s a really good Batman vs Joker movie story to be told.


We have seen a lot of cool batmobile’s in the comic books in the last twenty years. I am hoping we see the next batmobile to have a comic book inspirations for The Batman film. I think most people like myself do not need to see another tank batmobile. The Bat tank was cool in Batman Begins, and that’s about it. I believe it’s time to do something that can compete with the 89 Batmobile in terms of bring a comic book look to the new batmobile.


Finally the best for last. We know Matt Reeve’s said his Batman will be using his detective skills in his Batman movie. I hope it is not just a few scenes of him using technology as a detective skill like in The Dark Knight. I am hoping this version shows Batman using his most powerful power his mind. One of the reasons why Batman is my favorite superhero is how well he mentally prepares himself and trains mentally. Showcasing how intelligent Pattinson’s Batman is, will help separate his version from the ninja Batman in Bale’s version, and the superhero versions from Ben Affleck and Michael Keaton’s take was on the character. I am hoping Matt Reeve’s is using inspiration from the Hush and Long Halloween Batman stories to help showcase how intelligent Batman is.


I know some of these are hopeful wishing, but as long as we get a great Batman movie like we got with Chris Nolan’s Batman Begins and The Dark Knight in some form. We are two years away until Robert Pattinson’s Batman movie is released. Let’s hope it will be a classic Batman movie that we all go back to with Michael Keaton’s Batman89 movie.


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