Doom Patrol Season One: Review

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Instead of writing the Doom Patrol finale review. I wanted to write a full season review of Doom Patrol, because it is a show that a lot of people are missing out watching, and are slowly hearing a bout base on word to mouth. If you have not watch Doom Patrol and heard little a bout it. This is a review to read, because a lot of audiences are missing out on a great show with great character writing, and development. (NO SPOILERS)


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There is a lot of highlights from the Doom Patrol series, and audiences will have 15 episodes to beinge watch with 55 minutes per an episode. The biggest positive about this show is that Doom Patrol already knows it’s tone and what it will present to the audiences from the beginning in episode one. Having this show with HARD rated R fits very well with the vision from long time CW Greg Berlanti, Geoff Johns, and producer Jeremy Carver is shooting for. If you’re someone who loves Supernatural, or Being Human the Show Runner from Doom Patrol Jeremy Carver who has worked on both shows brings a lot of the familiar tone from Syfy’s Being Human series on to Doom Patrol. Jeremy Carver bring some recognizable actors from CW’s Supernatural series, who appear in some episodes of this season on Doom Patrol. Most recognizable from Supernatural series Mark Sheppard(Crowley), Curtis Armstrong(Metatron), and Julian Richings (Death).

The highlights from Doom Patrol is how crazy weird and how awesome it works for this version of Doom Patrol. This is a very character driven show, that the writers do a great job paying off to a lot of the story they’re present in season one. Audiences will find a lot of heart from this series, as it does not hold back on what it is about. If you are a fan of Grant Morrison’s version of Doom Patrol from the comic books. His influences from the comic book version is heavy inspired for the live action series.

The characters that stand out to me is the entire main cast from Doom Patrol. It starts with Crazy Jane, who is played by Diane Guerrero. When TV award season returns she deserved every best performance award on TV, because she plays a lot of different personalities inside Crazy Jane head. How she present characters like Karen, Driver 8, Penny, Hammer Head, and many more will blow people away with her performance for each character. Diane steals every scene she is in because of how predictable she present Crazy Jane. Jane Patrol is the best episode for Doom Patrol and when it comes to Diane’s performance in Doom Patrol. I would like to mention Puppet Patrol being another highlight for Diane Guerrero/ Crazy Jane. Brandon Fraser as Cliff Steele/ Robotman is the heart of Doom Patrol when we meet him in episode one. Cliff brings a lot of the humor and action to maintain the balance Doom Patrol presents on TV. The surprise highlight is Matt Bomer’s Negative Man. I viewed his character as the wild card going into Doom Patrol. The more we get to know Larry the more audiences will connect with him, and like him more. Danny Patrol episode is a huge highlight for Matt Bomer’s Negative Man/Larry. April Fowler who some audiences met as Rita Farr from Titans TV series. Her character evolves in every episode she is in. The highlight episode for Rita Farr is Doom Patrol Patrol, and Flex Patrol.

When Cyborg was announce to be part of the Doom Patrol cast and team member of the Doom Patrol. I was curious as to what will be different comparing to Ray Fisher’s Cyborg from Justice League. Actor Joivan Walker who plays Victor Stone/Cyborg does a great job with his performance. This is a Cyborg that is inspired with the Marv Wolfman and George Perez The New Teen Titian comic book run. Episodes Cyborg Patrol, Donkey Patrol, and Danny Patrol. Timothy Dalton as Dr. Niles Caulder/ the Cheif was a great recasting choice. He is wellknown from his Bond days and from Penny Dreadful. He brings his A+++ performance. His scenes with Mr. Nobody played by Andy Tudyk are another great highlight from season one. Dr. Niles Caulder standout episode is in Hair Patrol. Now the best for last is Andy Tudyk as Mr. Nobody. Without his performance as the antagonist Mr. Nobody. I believe Doom Patrol would fall apart as a show. He is very charismatic, funny, terrifying, and carries the show as the biggest threat. There are tons of episodes that are a highlight for Mr. Nobody. I would say the biggest episode is Penultimate Patrol.

I am a big fan of Flex Mentallo from Grant Morrison early run of the character. He is one of my highlights from the show. He is played by unknown actor Devan Chandler Long , who does a fantastic job with his performance. If we get a season two, I hope he will be fleshed out more as part of the team. His highlight episodes is Flex Patrol, and Penultimate Patrol.


I would say Heir Patrol episode is the most grosses episode. It is purposely done to be gross, because of Heir Hunter’s powers. It was my lease favorite episode but a solid episode because of the Dr. Niles Caulder backstory.


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With Game of Thrones officially over. I would highly recommend Doom Patrol for audiences who are looking for something new to watch. Doom Patrol is mysterious, funny, action, and lots of crazy WTF moments that will keep you watching every episode. DCU app has tons of new content to watch. Doom Patrol is highly recommend. If you live outside the United States Netflix international will have it to steam very soon. It is defiantly my favorite show on streaming services. It is the best 2019 TV series that is out there right now.


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