The Avengers End Game: Review

The Avengers Endgame, first showings dropped Thursday evening, and I was able to see the first showing of the most anticipated movie ever. This is the movie that closes out the Infinity saga. Is The Avengers Endgame worth all the hype and reaches expectations? (No Spoilers Review)


There’s so many things I love a bout this movie. The best parts about End Game, is that the audience will not see what’s coming at all in terms of the story End Game is about. This is a Tony Stark and Steve Rogers centric movie. We see everything we love about these characters and what they stand for, and what these two characters mean to us as fans.

We do see a lot of Hawkeye in this movie then any of the previous Marvel movies we seen him in. Hawkeye, and Ant-Man are the subplots in this movie. The both have many shining moments.

The story direction of Kevin Feige, the writing by Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely brings a beautiful closing to everything fans love about the marvel universe, that comic books fans knows and love. The visionary direction of the Russo brothers who bring Stan Lee, Jack Kirby, and Jim Starlin characters are executed perfectly.


There’s a few nitpicks, for me personally, but does not hurt this movie at all. I’m sure some audience who are not emotionally connected to these characters will find some cons about End Game.


The Avengers End Game is beautiful mind blowing love letter to everything Marvel Comic book fans and the fans who love the Marvel movies will love about End Game. This is in my opinion the best Marvel movie we have seen and we will ever get, and we will never see anything like this. The Avengers End Game will definitely be a lot of people’s new number one comic book movie of all time. I hope this movie will make more than Avatar because it’s worth every penny to see over and over again. Thank you Kevin Feige for delivering everything we love about superheroes. Especially Marvel superheroes from the visionaries of Stan Lee, Jack Kirby, Steve Ditko, and Jim Starlin.


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