My thoughts on the X-Men Dark Phoenix’s Trailer

If you haven’t seen the first trailer to Fox’s final X-Men film Dark Phoenix check out the trailer below.

In My Opinion

I think the Dark Phenoix trailer feels like another version of X-Men The Last Stand, because we’ve seen Dark Phenoix before an how high the stakes are from that movie feels the same with this one. The other thing is we’ve already seen Dark Phenoix, and we haven’t had enough time to know Sophie Turner’ s version of Jean Grey to get to this point.

It’s great to see most of the orginal cast from X-Men: First Class back. It looks like Cyclops will have a main role for the first time in any of the Fox X-Men films. I think because Tye Sheridan who is playing Scott Cyclops Summers in this had a break lead performance in Ready Player One early this year.

I think a lot of the reshoots are to include him in more scenes. The trailer is clearly letting everyone know this is Jean Grey movie featuring the X-Men. One more thing I like the new X-Men suits which is a call back to Grant Morrison and Frank Quietly New X-Men run. Overall I think the trailer doesn’t bring any new excitement for this film. Most people including myself just wants to see the the Fox X-Men films be done with, so we can see what Kevin Feige and Marvel Studios do with the franchise now that it’s with Marvel again.


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