TITANS Official Trailer #2

A new Titans trailer is drop today, and it’s announced the series will be on Netflix for international countries only. United States audience will have to see it on the DCU app. See the new trailer below.

In My Opinion

The second trailer is a trillion times better than the first trailer from the one at Comic Con, and the series looks like it has a set tone. More story and background points are revealed in this trailer. Many people are going to be very happy with this trailer. It looks like Warner Brothers heard the loud criticism from fans. The Robin’s alley fight scene looks like it was reshot, because that was one of the biggest criticism from the first trailer, an no “fuck Batman”line or any big cursing in the trailer.

The violence in the secound trailer looks a little more tone down in this trailer especially with Robin, Hawk and Dove fight scenes. Raven and Beast Boy looks much better. However Starfire is still the wild card, because the scenes from this trailer is from the pilot episode. Just less than two weeks before it premieres on the DCU app on Friday October 12, 2018


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