REVIEW: Conjuring The Devil Made Me Do It

The Conjuring The Devil Made Me Do It, is the 3rd Conjuring film and eight film in the Conjuring universe. The Conjuring is based on the events of supernatural or the unexplained cases from Ed and Lorraine Warren who investigators of the supernatural. The couple is played by returning stars Patrick Wilson and Vera Farminga. The third film is base on the events of a case they were a part of in 1981 about a man who commit murder and claimed he was possessed by a demon that made him do it. MINOR SPOILERS


I thought the performances of Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga as Ed and Lorraine Warren was great acting, after not playing the characters for sometime they easily jumped back into these characters with no issue. Their chemistry and their relationship is all there in their performance.

I enjoyed the opening of the film as I have with the first two Conjuring films. Lots of intense jump scene and fast paced moments. I thought the make up to make Vera and Patrick older to their counter parts was well done especially for Vera as Lorraine Warren.

I thought the case of Arne Cheyenne Johnson was accurate up to a certain point in the film. I thought actor Ruairi O’Connor did a good job with his performance especially performing as a processe person.


As for the subplot that tie-into the main story of the event I found to be ridiculous. With the amount of background leading to Arne Cheyenne Johnson case. 40 minutes Could’ve been devoted for the 8 year old boy an how he was pocessed leading to Arne Cheyenne Johnson pocession.

The voodoo stuff took me out of the movie and the story went into completely different direction than the events that happend.

OVERALL 5.5/10

The performances was good. The story was ok but had a lot potential to be better. The Conjuring 3 easily the weakness of the three films. Fans will either like it or find it a meh.


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