My Thoughts on the Birds of Prey Movie Trailer

Yesterday afternoon at east cost time, Warner Brothers released the first full movie trailer of Birds of Prey and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn. Birds of Prey is the next DC film after Joker and will be supposedly the eight DCEU movie, and is due to be release Febuary 7, 2020.

With a lot of reshoots taken place last month for Birds of Prey and the rumored positive buzz from test screening from social media back in early summer. Audiences finally have a first full look of what this movie will present.

The movie will present more Harley Quinn in action and involved with so many things. The premise of Birds of Prey is that Harley Quinn comes across Cassandra Cain who steals a diamond from Black Mask and joins forces With Huntress, Black Canary and GCPD Rene Montoya to protect her from Black Mask.

With Margot Robbie as one of the producers for the movie it is not a surprise this will be a Harley Quinn movie using the Birds of Prey name to spring board other characters from the Birds of Prey team. The trailer does confirm Joker and Harley break up and Harley who now has her emancipation again from the Joker, which means free from and can do whatever she wants with out him.

What surprised me from the first trailer was Ewan McGregor who plays Black Mask in the movie has a thing for Harley Quinn. He says Harley Quinn wants him in that kind of relationship way now that she’s free from the Joker. There was rumors reported last year when the movie was going into production that Black Mask will be gay and flamboyant in the movie. I am fine with that if this is the actual direction they are going in, but it doesn’t appear he will be gay if he wants to be with Harley Quinn that badly. Ewan McGregor Black Mask was highly praised from test screeners who have seen the movie on social media. We didn’t see to much of him but just enough to know he’s the antagonist in the movie.

The tone in the trailer does resemble David Ayers Suicide Squad tone. That can be a good thing because that tone from the first Suicide Squad movie worked out well for Harley Quinn since she was one of the few characters in my opinion that was great in that movie. I am dissapoited we didn’t get much from Huntress and Black Canary as they are two of the three co-founders of Birds of Prey.

I remember hearing on social media that Black Canary played by Jurnee Smollett-Bell, was view very positive from the movie by test screeners. We didn’t see much of her in the first trailer. Mary Elizabeth Winstead who plays The Huntress was barley seen in the first trailer. She’s been the one who’s kind of mystery because nothing is rumored to what she will presented as the vigilante hero Huntress. Mary Elizabeth Winstead is second bill in credits after Margot Robbie in the movie. She does have a big role but nothing is revealed to what she brings in the movie.

My Final Thoughts: It’s only the first trailer, and because of how Harley Quinn sells a lot to audiences. Warner Brothers wanted 95% of the trailer to be about Harley Quinn because she will bring many asses to seats in Febuary to see her movie. This movie should have been called Harley Quinn since the Birds of Prey are taking a back seat to Harley Quinn’s narrative. I’m someone who keeps in open mind and I recommend to people who are mixed about the trailer to wait and see more because we will get two more full trailers before Febuary 7th 2020. I am a fan of writer Christina Hodson who wrote the screen play to Bumbble Bee movie. She’s the only credit writer for Birds of Prey which is a great thing because this movie with a team group needs only one writer to tell their story. My only concern is that Cathy Yan is making her director debut in a big budget movie. She’s only directed short films before getting the 100 million dollar budget Birds of Prey movie.


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