Rob Zombie’s The Munster movie is Shit!

I am a huge fan of The Munsters series and watching one of if not the worst movie of 2022. The movie is the worst piece of shit I have seen for a remake of a series that people like myself care about. Rob Zombie should never be loud to make anything again.


Nothing it’s Shit!


Jeff Daniel Phillips is the worse Herman Munster I’ve seen. He sounds like he was constipated whenever he speaks. Rob Zombie focuses on trying to explain Herman Munster’s existence but it doesn’t work. Sheri Moon Zombie should’ve never played Lily she’s not a good actress.

Elvira makes a small appearance but the audience wouldn’t know it because she’s a real estate agent and then dresses as a witch covered in green makeup. I don’t know why she believed it was a good idea to be in this shit.

Nothing makes sense in the movie no black and white to help cover the cheapness of the color quality. Lily falls in love with Herman when she sees him on tv and the quality around her is horrible.

Overall 0/10

It’s Shit that I can go on more of a rant but that’s it.


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