Dragon Ball Super Super Hero is One of the best anime movies in the series Yet!

Dragon Ball Super Super Hero takes place sometime after Dragon Ball Super Brolly. This story brings back the Red Ribbon army and their revenge toward Goku and his friends. With Goku away, the new Androids Gamma 1 and 2 go on an attack on Piccolo and Gohan as they try to stop a new threat from destroying the world.


The story and character focus of Piccolo and Gohan was refreshing to watch and follow. Despite the bad marketing for the movie, this is one of the better Dragon Ball franchise movies that I have seen since the History of Trunks movie and the best Dragon Ball Super movies I’ve seen yet.

In my opinion this is more of a Piccolo story than a Gohan story but the focus is on their relationship and how important the two characters mean to each other. We get new layers into their father and son like relationship from Piccolo’s narrative. Their story arc was some of the important and enjoyable parts from the movie. Some of the fight scenes and familiarity reminded me a little bit of the Dragon Ball Z days.

There are a lot of nostalgic to some classic Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z episodes that can be reminiscing. Akira Toriyama wrote a solid plot with characters the audiences will care about. He should do more character driven stories that are not central to Goku or his villains, because it’s very refreshing and something new to watch than reusing the same formula over and over again.

I like the new characters Gamma 1 and 2 along with Dr. Hedo as they are great additions to the series. I would suggest try to watch this in theaters as it is worth watching on the big screen. If you’ve been able to avoid spoilers as I have you will enjoy the experience on the big screen.


The CG/animation is an adjustment and the beginning of the movie is a bit slow because of the introduction to the new villains and their motives, but once we get to see Piccolo and Pan it gets better and better from there

OVERALL: 9.5/10

As a long time fan of the series and as a big fan of Gohan and Piccolo this is a MUST watch movie event for fans! There is an ending credit scene that fans will enjoy!


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