What’s the 10 Year DC Plan Warner Discovery?

I know I haven’t written an opinion piece in a long time, because I’m sharing my thoughts on my YouTube channel. I have a lot to say about what’s going on at Warner Brothers because Discovery is the 3rd apparent company to buy the studio in 5 years. With David Zaslav who is making the big decision. What is the 10-year DC movie plan? Here is what I believe their 10-year plan should be in my opinion.


In my opinion, if I recently owned WB and I’m not invested in the direction Walter Hamada wanted for the DCEU, and there was a way to get out of this direction. Like David Zaslav, I would have canceled, the almost 90% finished Batgirl movie as well. This took a lot of balls to do by David Zaslav to make. I don’t believe Leslie Grace is done as Batgirl, because they signed her to a multiple pictures deal.

I think we see her as Batgirl sometime down the line maybe in the Young Justice movie that was rumored months ago. Warner Bros owe Leslie Grace and the two directors big time after canceling their movie. They paid everyone for making Batgirl they do not financially own anyone after canceling the movie. I am very curious to know what they have in store.

Flash Movie

Regardless of what we all think this movie will be released next year. Warner Bros. put money into reshoots that were reported by Variety, so this movie will be released regardless of what Ezra Miller, does next in the public domain. In my opinion, re-title the movie as “Justice League’s Flashpoint” and market it around Michael Keaton’s return as Batman with Supergirl, and Flash to save the DCEU. This movie base on the report leaks a heavy focus on all things DC in media. So Market this thing like it’s a Justice League movie.

The reports are the Flash movie is great, based on test screenings and I think the best move for Warner Brothers is to Market the movie as a Justice League movie. Market the movie with the feature key characters that will appear in the Flash movie. Such as Bat Fleck, Keaton’s Batman, Sasha’s Supergirl, Gal’s Wonder Woman, and Michael Shannon’s return as Zod who is set to appear in the movie. Not everyone knows about what’s happening with Ezra Miller. The main public audience will forget near the time the movie comes out.

Everything is Depended on Black Adam

Everyone hopes Henry Cavill will return as Superman, but I think what’s holding up that from making it a reality is how much money and reaction from the audience will be for Black Adam. If the movie is successful both critically and financially David Zaslav will have a pitch and a plan to present Henry Cavill to return as Superman. I think not knowing how good Black Adam will be is why there isn’t any deal with Zaslav and Cavill yet.

I believe Henry Cavill wants to return as Superman, but I believe he wants a sequel for his Superman instead of making appearances in other DC movies. It’s good Warner Discovery wants to make Superman, a focus in their 10-year DC movie plan. If they mean what they say. They should offer Henry Cavill a four-picture movie deal that includes two of the four solo Superman movies. They should pay him what he deserves as more fans and audiences view him as the modern Superman. This should be the first thing, Warner Discovery should do.

Two Batmen can Exist in Movies

In the comic books, there are two Batman titles. One is Detective Comics which are meant to tell stories of a grounded detective Batman and the Batman title is for stories of the superhero DCU Batman. They should do something similar for the Batman movies. With Matt Reeves, The Batman movie was a huge hit and one of the best movies of 2022 they should continue his stories starting with Robert Pattinson as Batman.

Ben Affleck appears to be in a better place mentally and if he wants to continue as the DCEU Batman, which he looks to be open now that he’s appearing in Aquaman 2. It’s a no-brainer for David Zaslav not to talk to Ben Affleck about continuing to play Batman in future movies as the DCEU Batman. I think Ben is ok to be the Nick Fury role of the DCEU as long as they are building toward a new Justice League movie that will have Ben in the lead as Batman for the new Justice League movie.

Get Rid of Walter Hamada

If the rumor was true that Hamada was willing to walk away because Batgirl was canceled without his opinion. Why is he still there? Warner Brothers need to let him walk now before he could potentially sabotage their plans. He’s not part of their plans and should be dismissed or transferred out from the DC movies. If rumors are true that Cavill won’t return because he’s there still then David Zaslav needs to make another important change to show Cavill he’s serious about bringing him back.

Outside of the Joker movie Walter Hamada has more misses than hits. Birds of Prey, WW84, and The Suicide Squad were all a huge miss for fans and audiences. Yes, Shazam was decent but it didn’t blow doors and Aquaman was already filming when he took over the DC movies and Aquaman was lucky there wasn’t any competition when it was released to make a billion dollars. It’s time for Walter Hamada to transition elsewhere away from DC movies.

Who is Alan Horn?

Over a decade ago Alan Horn helped Kevin Feige start the MCU and Marvel Studios. He’s viewed as another mentor to Kevin Feige back in the day before Disney bought everything, Marvel. Now David Zaslav has brought him in supposedly as a consultant for DC Studios or DC Movies. The biggest question is who is he open to operating with at Warner Brothers to revamp the DC Movies. I don’t have a favorite choice for the role. we know it’s reported David Zaslav wants a Kevin Feige-like role to rebuild the DCEU and bring a clear story direction. The issue is Kevin Feige is a unicorn as not many producers like him exist.

Whoever they pick in the Kevin Feige role Alan Horn needs to be involved in the decision with David Zaslav to make the decision. I know rumors are they are interested in Greg Berlanti for the role. I don’t believe he’s the right choice because he’s good at the television, department. I think they need to look at someone with a shared vision they have for the DCEU instead of someone who has their agenda.

Focus on DC Movies

I’m glad David Zaslav wants to focus on good-quality movies instead of throwing something out there for a quick money grab. With the pandemic now over I expect streaming services to take a hit now that more people want to go out again. It’s important for big blockbuster movies need to be in theaters instead of streaming services as there is no money for big budget movies to go to streaming services. AT&T screwed and upset a lot of people in Hollywood after they put all of their movies on HBO Max and spend millions to payout contracts for that to happen. Chris Nolan was done with Warner Brothers and left for Universal Pictures.

I enjoy HBO Max and other streaming services but streaming service is made for long-form series storytelling to get your money’s worth. Movies belong in theaters and limited series and long-form series are perfect for streaming services. That is what streaming services are designed for.

Final Thought

The next four months will be very interesting for Warner Discovery and David Zaslav because everyone wants to know what they are planning next as Warner Brothers and DC are the big topics right now. The question is what else was canceled and who is hired or brought back in the Warner Brothers circle.


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