Prey is in the same League as the OG Predator film!

Prey is a prequel Film from the Predator franchise. As it goes back to basic and brings a story that audience will love and talk about for years to come. The film stars Amber Midthunder (Roswell) and is directed by Dan Trachtenberg who is best known for 10 Cloverfield Lane. Minor Spoilers.


This film present the best Predator in the entire franchise in my opinion, because we see what a Predator is suppose to do as a hunter and as a bad mother F’er when you try to go up against him. The smartest decision director and co writer Dan Trachtenberg did for this franchise was taking the franchise back to basic with a good story and characters the audiences are going to care about through out the movie. Actress Amber Midthunder does a fantastic job in her performance as Naru. New actor Dakota Beavers who plays Naru’s brother Tabee who is also great in his performances. Audiences will buy their chemistry on screen as brother and sister.

The action in this was very impressive and how the Predator was used in the film was perfect. The story and directing did a fantastic job building this Predator up through out the film. There are a lot of memorable moments in the film that will make it classic a movie for Predator and action movie fans to go back an re-watch. I thought the music score was good and the built up for the finale fight between Naru and the Predator made it a must watch battle. The film does a great job not becoming predictable. There are some moments audiences might think it’s gonna go in this direction but then it goes into another direction, and that makes even more of a must watch.

The film sprinkles in some nostalgic moment with three memorable call backs to the original Predator movie and one call back that helps make Predator 2 a better movie in my opinion. This one of my favorite movies of this year and it is disappointing Prey wasn’t in theaters.


The CG from the beginning of the movie is not great as it clearly needed more patch work. It’s not distracting but it is very recognizable. The beginning of the film has a slow start as they’re trying to build up the story.


This film had a cinematic feel that belongs on the big screen. This is how a Predator movie should be done by taking it into different time periods an finding the best humans that will give the Predators a hunting challenge.



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