Season 3 is the Best Season of The Boys!!

All of the episodes of season 3 The Boys is out on Amazon Prime. The season 3 finale came out today and it will be a shocking one that will have you hype for season 4. The series overall is one of the best things on any streaming service.


Anthony Starr as Homelander continues to be the best villain on TV. He’s one scary bad MoFo! In this season The Boys joined by allies of Maeve and Solider Boy played Jensen Ackles who want to kill Homelander for good. The writing for this has been fantastic as season 3 does not disappoint for the highly anticipated superhero orgie known as Herogasm. Herogasm in episode 6 is the best episode of the entire series

They pushed the envelope beyond what anyone would expect and I am surprised Amazon approved it by they did and it will be something audience will talk about when looking back at comic book shows on TV. Jensen Ackles as Solider Boy was a great addition as he brought another challenge for The Boys when they were searching for a weapon that could kill Homelander.

Everyone from series such as Anthony Starr, Karl Urban, Jack McQuaid, Erin Moriarty (Starlight) Dominique McElligot(Queen Maeve) Laz Alonso (M&M) Karen Fukuhara(Kamiko) Tomer Capone(Serge) Jessie Usher(A-Train) and Claudia Doumit(Victoria) all brought their A+++ performance.

I enjoyed how this season poke fun at all of the political views out there. It showcase how manipulating the media can be and how ridiculous things can be. Especially the A-Train Pepsi spoof commercial and The Deep’s Gal Gadot’s infamous Imagine video that was awful.

This season was about Father and Sons and how the Father’s can or could’ve shape their sons could be. We seen a lot of that through the season with Bill and Ryan Homelander and Ryan. As well as Solider Boy and his father issues just like Bill has the something with his dad. Solider Boy is very different in the series compared to the comic books, which is a lot better. He’s origin is similar to Captain America but a little different.

The biggest surprise was the changes made to Noire. He’s now the most different from the comic books. He’s not a Clone of Homelander like in the comic books. He’s a completely different and it works for the series as he character is fleshed out especially his connection to Solider Boy and the team Payback. Sadly Noir met his fate against Homelander. Season 3 made it clear to distance its self from the comic books and I’m happy it did.

My favorite scene from the finale was A-Train and his brother. His brother is now paralyzed because of the racist Blue Hawk in episode 5. I don’t believe A-Train is redeemable but I do think he’s set up to do at least one good thing in season 4 or 5.

I enjoyed Kamiko’s story in this as she was trying to find her place in the world and she embrace who she is and in the finale we see that. Her story was great in the series especially now her and Serge are a couple. I like that Hughie went down a dark path and how he reestablish his relationships with Bill. Those two are Batman and Robin of the series.


The writers didn’t have much for The Deep to do in this season. I am surprised he wasn’t killed off. He was used for comedy bits and a push over. He’s nothing but a Fish fucker.


Season 3 made me wanting more Boys especially how each episode ending with a cliffhanger and wanting to see what happens next. The season ends with Homelander reconnecting his son Ryan who will Solider Boy 2 as it was teased in season 3. He’s going to be a key character for next season. As for the Boys Erin has joined up with them and Vought is now damaged in reputation. The set their next mission to stop new VP candidate Victoria who likes to blow up heads. As for Bill Butcher he’s a dead man walking.


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