Kenobi Series was Decent but Could’ve been Better

Now that all six episodes are out I can now write a full review with spoilers of the Kenobi series. The Kenobi series takes place ten years after episode three Revenge of the Seth. Obi-Wan is the hermit who waits for Luke to become the right age for when he’s ready to train as a Jedi. While Darth Vader and the Empire continues to dominate the galaxy from a far far way…


The series brings a lot of great or good star wars moments for fans of both the original and prequel series. If you want to watch something that will respect the prequels the Kenobi series is it. We get tons of action call backs from the prequel series and animated series from Clone Wars and the Rebels.

Ewan McGregor is the Obi-Wan Kenobi from the Clone War series as we see more of that version come out from him in the limited series. He continues to be amazing in the role.

We don’t get a whole lot of Hayden Christensen is the series but when we see him in flashback and at the end of the series he steals the show. If you complain about the lack of lightsabers from The Mandalorian we get plenty in the Kenobi series. We are introduced to a kid version of Leia played by Vivin Lyra Blair who steals the series in the first couple of episodes.

My favorite battle was the second battle between Darth Vader and Obi-Wan Kenobi in episode six, because it was intense and emotion was high as a long time Star Wars fan. This lightsaber duel delivers the expectation fans wanted. We get other great moments with Obi-Wan in episode 4 using is lightsaber that mirrors the hall way scenes from Darth Vader in Rouge One, and Luke Skywalker in The Mandalorian season two finale.

We get tons of Darth Vader stuff by showcasing his powers from the force. Episode 5 delivers awesome great moments as from a call back from Star Wars The Force Unleashed. My favorite moment was when we see Anakin after half his masked as destroyed as it was a very emotional scene as fans will have this in their top three greatest moments in Star Wars. Hayden Christensen delivers a powerful performance.


The writing on the series wasn’t great at all despite the great or good moments fans will be talking about for a long time. One of the writers from the series admitted he’s never watched stories, which clearly shows from the writing. Fans and audience will be frustrated with the direction of some of the characters go with in the series.

The biggest issue at episode six is how Leia knows Ben is Obi-Wan Kenobi and creates a continuity error because she says in A New Hope you serve my father in the Clone Wars and never mentioned about their adventures together. The writers dropped the ball with this as it’s a huge continuity error from the franchise.

The writing gets even worse for Moises Ingram ‘s character Reva. Her dialog is very cheesy like a Disney villain. By episode six there is no direction for her and the character was never fleshed out. Add Reva as another long list of Kathleen Kennedy’s created out characters who doesn’t work at all with fans.

The budget for the series looks very cheap an easily recognized on screen. There’s a lack of alien species in the series. There’s less imagination and the story direction drops the ball in making this a great series. This should have been eight episodes instead of six because they rushed the story.

Another issue was we didn’t get Star Wars music to make the great scenes more special and impactfull. I don’t understand why Lucasfilms do not use the music at all.


The series delivers great moments but are overshadowed by the bad writing and storied direction for the characters. The series gave us memorable scenes we can watch over again on YouTube.


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