Moon Knight Continues to be Meh

After three episodes of Marvel’s Moon Knight series on Disney Plus. Nothing about the series has lived up to the hype but is it still watchable? Minor Spoilers


Oscar Isaac and Ethan Hawke continues to do a great job with their performances as Mac Spector/Steven Grant and Arthur Harrow. Oscar Isaac does a great job between the back in forth with the two different characters. Oscar Isaac shows why he is a talented actor in the business.

Ethan Hawke continues to be one of the better villains of the MCU than I thought. Episode three shows how manipulative his character Arthur Harrow really is with the God’s and towards Marc’s wife Layla. He does a great job carrying the series as the main antagonist.

The fights or action scenes have been entertaining from episode two and three. I think three had some of the better fight scenes because we see more Marc in action. Kevin Feige direction for Moon Knight for this season is the introduction and the early history of Moon Knight and Khonshu the Egyptian Moon Good. The voice actor F. Murray Abraham who does a great job with his voice as Khonshu who is a real dick.

I’m enjoying the Middle Eastern music mainly because I’m half Middle Eastern and especially now the series is in Egypt. It really shows Kevin Feige cares about showcasing the different cultures.


The writing has been very predictable in all three episodes. I’m not a fan of the whiney Steven that’s been portrayed especially in episode two.

Don’t expect a lot of Moon Knight until the last 10 to 15 minutes of the episode in eachof the first three episodes. The CGI hasn’t been great in episode two but improved a little bit in episode three. It would’ve been better if they used some practical effects because it would’ve been a huge help in balance for everything to look better on screen.

Like I have said in the pilot episode. Marvel Studios is doing q long drag out story to give audiences some of the cool things they want to see but not enough.

Other than Ethan Hawke and Oscar Isaac everyone else in the series is forgettable including May Calamawy who plays Layla Marc’s wife. I’m glad Marvel Studios cast a Middle Eastern actress but the writing for her character makes her another careless character.

OVERALL 6/10 – Episode Two

OVERALL 6.5/10 – Episode Three

If it wasn’t for the Marvel Studios brand I don’t think many people would continue to watch this. It’s not bad but not great series either. It’s definitely better than Hawkeye but Moon Knight series is over hyped.


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