Moon Knight is Off to a Bad Start

Marvel’s Moonknight follows Steven Grant played by Oscar Isaac learns of his split personality Marc Spector and the double life he’s been leading. That lead to Cult Leader Arthur Harrow played by Ethan Hawke and his double identity Anton. Episode one was released today and so far its off to a bad start in my opinion.


I thought Oscar Isaac had a great and strong english accent with his performance as the mild manner Steven Grant. The series is introducing the horror aspect of the MCU as we see some teases already in the first episode. The CG was ok and the score was pretty good. I thought Ethan Hawke was ok as Arthur Harrow. He to is putting a 100% into his performance to be a threatening villain.


As I expect Marvel Studios focus to much on teasing and building for the next episode instead of trying to blow people away with the first episode. If you are hoping to get a great action scene you will be very disappointed. Everything is built with mystery and suspense through out the episode, which will disappoint audiences.

Marvel Studios definitely hold back their punches as most of the cool action happens off screen. Most of the episode is weirdly confusing and someone who doesn’t know much about Moon Knight could easily get confused from watching the first episode. You would have to be a diehard Moon Knight fan to be over excited for the very long built up for Moon Knight debut.

As for Arthur Harrow’s Cult, they reminded me of Hydra with all their sleeper agents around the world and their plans are similar to Hydra. Their are changes to Steven Grant personality that might disappoint Moon Knight fans.

Overall 5/10

Episode one is 50 minute tease to get us all excited for episode 2 after the cliffhanger at the end of episode one.


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