What We want from The Batman Sequels!

Now that we’ve seen The Batman film. I highly recommend to watch the film in Imax because it’s better visually and if you want a better look of Barry Keoghan’s Joker Imax gives the best look of hid Joker. I describe his Joker with a scaled scared white look with a creepy disfigured smile. Highly recommend to see it again especially if you haven’t seen it yet. Imax is the best way to watch one of the best Batman films since The Dark Knight and Batman 89.

Here’s what I am hoping to see from the next Batman sequels.

Bruce Wayne Disguise

The biggest nitpick critics and fans have is the lack of Batman’s alter ego Bruce Wayne. I was fine with the lack of Bruce Wayne, because Bruce has embrace Batman and has become over obsessed about his missions. With Batman now self-aware that making his motivation about vengeance inspired the wrong people to act in the city. He now wants to give hope and be a positive for Gotham City. I expect he will do more as Bruce Wayne and help the city rebuild with the new Mayor of Gotham. I think we could be in a two year or three year jump with in the next Batman sequel. With Bruce in the spot light and develope The Wayne Foundation to help Gotham City like in the animated series.

New Bat Suit

By going into the light I expect Batman will have a lighter look. I think giving him the bat emblem with a grey and dark navy blue look will show how much he’s change from the first movie to the second one. I can see his suit be inspired by from the story Batman Prey.


Since The Batman established this is a dark detective noire gritty Batman world. I can see a character like Hugo Strange getting introduced in a sequel. He’s very fascinated with Batman and was someone who runs Arkham Asylum from the comic books. I don’t see him as a big villain for the sequel but in a Carmine Falcone role who has his subplot with Batman. Another side plot is Calender Man, and Hang Man because of how heavy Jeph Loeb’s Batman Long Halloween and Dark Victory is inspired for Matt Reeves Batman world.

Thomas Elliott’s Hush was teased in The Batman because his dad was the reporter who tried to expose Martha Wayne’s family history as the Arkham family was cursed because her dad committed suicide and she was admitted to the mental hospital when she was young. Hush easily has motivation to attack Bruce Wayne and turn everything against him in one of his sequels. I believe Hush was the one who gave the information to the Riddler in the film as away to watch and analyze Batman before he makes his move against him just like in Hush the comic books.

Hush would be the perfect villain against this version of Batman in a 3rd film so it ties everything back to the first film as a full circle. Hush has motivation to attack Bruce Wayne as Bruce’s family is responsible for ruining his family as we learned from The Batman. The Court of Owls by Scott Snyder is considered one of the most recent great Batman stories. We can see the Court of Owls make their debut in the sequel. They would easily fit in this Batman world, because Gotham is established as its owned character. With Batman learning there’s a higher power big than Carmine Falcone would be a great introduction to the Court of Owls and the history of Gotham City. Mister Freeze would be another villain who I would like to watch on screen again but done right.

It’s not difficult to do because Batman “The Heart of Ice,” story written by Batman’s Great Paul Dini gave the blue print of how to make Mister Freeze a tragic villain and to work well on the big screen. Mister Freeze was fantastic in Arkham City the video game and that could work well on screen. I think Two-Face wouldn’t be a bad idea either but his tragedy from Harvey Dent to Two-Face happens offscreen because The Dark Knight did a great job with Two-Face origin but ended his story before it began.

As for Barry Keoghan’s Joker Matt Reeve’s talked about it in a new interview and gave a great insight of what his Joker will take inspiration from and the difference he will be from previous Jokers we’ve seen.

Matt Reeves talks with IGN about his Joker

I am not crazy about the Joker who made a cameo it’s clear the studio wanted a Joker teased to get people talking about the film. It wasn’t need but obviously it gets everyone to think of a potential sequel. If they used Joker as a sequel I can definitely see Mad Love as a huge inspiration for a Joker story as it would be something new on screen and to have Harley Quinn be introduced.

Introduce New Supporting Characters

I would love for Zoey Kravitz to return in the next film, but I can see her returned as fully Catwoman after her spinoff series ends and bring her back in a third film with their story inspired by the Hush story. With Bruce allowing her in his life. For the sequel I think introducing Julia Madison, Silver Saint Cloud, or Vickie Vale would be great for the Bruce Wayne alter ego as I think we could see his rock star reputation fleshed out.

I would like Leslie Tompkins to be introduced in the sequel because it would explain how Bruce gets his injuries treated and how she shares a connection to Bruce’s family and a mother figure in his life. It would be similar to the animated series. Also flesh out more Alfred Pennyworth.


The best way to introduce Dick Grayson is to have him already part of the family and he’s still training to become Batman’s partner. I can see Robin’s gauntlet, and Robin Year One as the inspiration. If they were going to do his origin story have it connect to the Court of Owls story since they connect to Haley Circus since that’s how the Court of Owls recruit their Talons. Robin would still be a tricky character to introduce but with Batman coming into light and wants to bring hope I can see Robin representing that in a sequel.

What Batman Stories to Read?

Now that The Batman is out I will say for potential sequel I would read comics. Read Batman Dark Victory, Batman Hush, Batman Zero Year, Batman Court of Owls, Robin Year One, Batman Prey, Batman Year Three, and Batman Arkham Stories, and Batman Snow.

What do you want to see The Batman Sequels?

Let me know what you want to see in the next sequels of Batman by Matt Reeves and Robert Pattinson. Right now it’s a great time to be a Batman fan!


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