The Batman is the most Ambitious Batman Movie Ever!!

I was able to to go to an early fan screening of The Batman. After plenty of time to process and think after watching Matt Reeves The Batman here is my No Spoilers Review!

The Batman is the most ambitious Batman movie I have ever seen. It’s not perfect, but it is a full on Batman movie with more Batman in it than any of the past live action Batman movies. The Batman is one of the best Batman movies out there. The movie is not for everyone, but If you have read the Batman comic books, watched Batman the animated series, or loved the TDK trilogy. You will love this movie a lot. There is a lot to process after watching it and if you love the movie the first time go see it again because the movie will make you think a lot in a great way.

Matt Reeves probably spent a year of reading, and watching all things Batman to find his detective Batman story he wanted to tell. Robert Pattinson, Zoey Kravitz, Paul Dano, Jefferey Wright, Collin Farrell, and Andy Serkis are fantastic in their roles. Robert Pattinson’s Batman present something new but very familiar if you are a fan of Batman The animated series. He will be someone’s favorite Batman after this movie, because he brings the right voice, movement and action as Batman. His Batman is the strong silent type, with little to say, and does his best work in the shadows like a creature of the night just like from Batman in Batman the animated series. Trust me I got a lot of Batman animated series vibes from his version of Batman!!

Batman’s fighting choreography is similar to Daredevil series. The thugs/mobsters get right backup to fight Batman and you can see the amount of energy it taking for Batman to beat these guys which is exhausting but is realistic as it could be. His performance as Batman will carry the movie from beginning to end as he is the biggest standout in his own movie

Zoey Kravitz’s Selina Kyle is very sexy but not someone you want to messed with. Selina is inspired by the comic book stories from Darwyn Cooke, and Ed Brubaker. Paul Dano’s Riddler is inspired by not only the Zodiac, but has scary traits of Ed Kemper, BTK, and the Unabomber. Which will give audiences an idea of how messed up, twisted, and scary he is. The audiences will love the chemistry between Batman and Selina. It is a fresh take compared to past live action movies. Their relationship/chemistry is inspired by Darwyn Cooke, Jeph Loeb, and Tom King’s take on Batman and Catwoman.

The establish relationship between Batman and James Gordon is there from the start of the movie. Their relationship is a true partnership with the two of them trying to save Gotham City from the mob while trying to stop a mad man. I love this new version of Gotham City because Greig Fraser’s visual is inspired by the look of Blade Runner especially with the rain and in down town parts of Gotham City. Michael Giacchino’s music score is fantastic. Every time we see Batman we hear his awesome theme that will get you into the film.


My negatives of the movie are spolierish so I can’t talk about it until I do a full Spoilers video on my channel. Like said the movie isn’t perfect.


The Batman is another classic Batman movie that everyone will be talking about for a very long time. It’s my new favorite Batman movie to go watch again and again. I highly recommend to go watch this movie and judge it for yourself!


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