Superman and Lois Season 2 has found their Consistency

Superman Lois series returned last night after a two week break. I didn’t review episode four but I did watch it and I thought it was a good episode but episode five is probably the best episode of season two so far with reveals and keeping consistency. Minor Spoilers.


I’m liking the look of Bizarro and how creepy and intimidating he is. This might be the best live action version of the character. Fans of the Injustice video games can see the inspiration for Bizarro came from. Episode five revealed the suspect connection he has with Cult Leader and Lois Lane’s villain Ally Allston played by Rya Kihlstedt who’s been underrated in season two. She’s been great making Ally a threatening villain. It was suspected that Ally and Bizarro had a connection and that was revealed from episode five “Girl…You’ll be a woman, soon.”

I’m liking the idea of Jordan getting trained by his grandfather Sam Lane played by Dylan Walsh, because Jordan’s training to become a hero and learning how to be ready for those heroic moments and stay undetected is important to him. The other reason it will separate him from Clark, who was born to become a hero. I think it’s important for Jordan to learn from his grandfather as he will have a better insight as to why he and his dad are feared by people even tho they are doing a lot of good.

The fight scenes between Superman and Bizzaro was a classic good fight scenes. The choreography and cg was decent for TV series. I enjoyed watching the two go head to head with Superman coming out on top over Bizarro. I enjoyed the family drama of the Cushing family with Kyle secret affair getting revealed from his daughter Sarah, which made a lot of sense.

I’m liking the character Chrissy a lot from the series because she’s basically the person Lois Lane needs because Lois has never been questioned like she has in any incarnation. The Lois Lane story has been surprisingly good so far. The writing team for the series had been getting better with each episode.


There wasn’t much not to like about the episode. I think the political stuff that’s thrown in the series is a turn off in my opinion because a lot of people want to escape reality not be reminded of it while watching a superhero series.

I think what bugged me was that Sarah’s celebration thing was in the Kent’s Barn after Clark and Lois Said it was ok for John Henry Irons and Natalie Irons could live there. We know John was left in the hospital but where’s Natalie all of this time and what happened to their stuff in the barn?

Overall: 8/10

Episode five has consistently after a good episode four. The writing is firing on all cylinders after five episodes. Hopefully the writing continues their momentum.


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