Netflix’sTexas Chainsaw Massacre Movie is No Halloween 2018

Today Netflix drop the latest Texas Chainsaw Massacre movie that will have horror fans interested in checking out the movie with it being marketed as a sequel to the original 1974 horro classic. It’s different trying to run the coattails of Halloween and Scream.


The Grusome scenes are all there with Leatherface. I thought they did a good job presenting Leatherface by using inspiration from Jason Voorhees of Friday the 13th franchise. There’s a lot ideas that was used from Jason for Leatherface that horror fans will recognize very quickly.

The best news is this horror movie is only and hour and 20 minutes. So it’s not a long horror movie with all the horror movie clichés in it. This movie is B movie from beginning to end with cool Leatherface moments. I thought the movie had decent cinematography and had good kills with a decent ending.

The movie is entertaining slasher movie from beginning to end. Watching Leatherface doing what he does was entertaining. There’s a few good jump scenes.


There isn’t much of a plot and don’t expect this movie to be about Sally from the original movie like Laurie Stroud from Halloween. This movie honestly doesn’t care about legacy or history.

The confrontation between Sally and Leatherface reminded me of Halloween Resurrection. There’s no built up or anything leading to it. Especially since the actress who plays Sally isn’t the original actress from the first one. So there’s no reason this should be a sequel to the 1974 movie.

The characters including Sally are forgettable and you will loose interest in this if you’re hoping for a Holloween 2018 or a Scream 5 legacy kind of movie. There’s no plot and only set ups for the characters to get killed by Leatherface. The family is not in the movie.

Overall 4/10

It’s not good horror movie but it is better than the previous sequels and it’s a entertaining short movie with an after credit scene.


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