Huge Twist in Superman and Lois’s The thing that Lies from Episode 3

If you were waiting for something to happened in the second season of Superman and Lois. Episode three was that episode to grab your attention. One of the trends with the series is some of the twist the series likes to make. This season was no different.


We get a lot of awesome action scenes with Superman and the mysterious creature. We see Clark continues with what troubles him from the mine. As he’s loosing his cool and can’t control his powers. Audience will be tricked with who the character is from one of Superman’s rogue gallery of villains. I like the role John Henry Irons is in at the moment, because he can help Clark and Lois by investigating things without people knowing he’s connected to Lois and Clark.

It’s about time the Steel suit gets an upgrade. I’m looking forward to John and Natalie re-bond again while rebuild or upgrade the suit. I’m liking the direction with Lois, who is going up against a cultists name Ally Alston played by Rya Kihlstedt. I’m looking forward to this story fleshed out especially Lois family connection towards Ally Alston and how she almost killed her sister.

I am happy with the direction for Lana as it makes sense for her to run for mayor of Smallville. Obviously it won’t be easy for her because of her connection to Morgan Edge from last season. It’s a good subplot for the character. I am liking the take by Emmanuelle Chriqui. We see former DOD General Lane again who’s enjoying retirement but I can see the series is setting him up to work with John Henry Irons.


The stuff with the kids Jonathan, Jordan, Sarah, and Natalie haven’t been great. A lot of it is reused stories from Tom Welling’s Smallville. The kids has been tough to watch because of how predictable it is.

OVERALL 8.5/10

So far it’s the best episode of season two. Lots of exciting reveals from this episode to look forward to in season two. Hopefully something changes with the kids stuff because that’s been the unwatchable part from this season.


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