The Return of Mandalorian is the Best episode of Book of Boba Fett!

As the title for episode five states. The Return of the Mandalorian brings back Mandalorian protagonist Din Djarin as the center of episode five. This episode takes a break from the main story of Book of Boba Fett and does a prelude episode for the upcoming season three of The Mandalorian. Minor Spoilers!!


This episode feels like we are back in the Star Wars universe from beginning to end of the episode. We get a great fight scene with Djarin using the dark Saber and learned more about the the dark saber’s history. The opening scene in my opinion was a call back to ho we were introduced to Mando in the Mandalorian pilot episode.

The fight scenes was a blast with Mando in action. We get a great flash back scene of the destruction of Mandalor that hid a Terminator inspiration. We get a nice call back from the prequels in the episode that will surprise fans. This episode shows we don’t need legacy characters to make it feel star wars. Just develop a good protagonist character that fans will get invested in.

The episode sets up Djarin’s new ship since his Razorcrest was destroyed. As he connects back to Peli Motto and how he will connect to the main story of Book of Boba Fett. It’s hard to find any flaws in the episode because I was very happy to be back with something I’m invested.

Bryce Dallas Howard who directed the episode. As always has done a fantastic job with Star Wars. I’m surprised she hasn’t been offered to directed a Star Wars movie yet.


Everything we wanted from Boba Fett is win Din Djarin, because we wanted something like this for Boba. Not featuring the title character of his own series was a ballsy move and it shows the main story of Book of Boba Fett is a waste of time.


Easily the worst episode for the Book of Boba Fett since it diminished his story, but it’s the best episode for the return of Din Djarin as it’s setting up for what’s instored for him in The Mandalorian season three. Next week’s episode may have teased the return of Gogru aka Baby Yoda and maybe another appearance of Luke Skywalker!!


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