Superman and Lois Continues to be Solid with episode 2 of Season 2

Season two of Superman and Lois didn’t create any momentum in the second episode for the series. We continue where we left off from the premiere episode. This episode felt like an extension to episode one as what everyone is up to since start of season two.


We get a lot of good Superman stuff as he is struggling with the vision he suffered from the premiere episode. Tyler Hoechlin looks very comfortable in the role as both Clark and Superman. We also get the return of Morgan Edge as we get the brotherly relationship between the two. We get to see Laura EL Superman’s mom debut.

We get a Man of Steel nod as it’s confirmed this version of Superman was also the first Kryptonian to be birth instead of bio genetics technology. It was a cool nod and nice to know the creative team is taking all direction of Superman’s history.

I’m glad Lana is running for mayor of Smallville, because it’s something the creative team should’ve went with in the premiere episode. Better late or never I guess. It gives Lana a direction and something to do in the series. We get more team Supermen stuff led by new General of DOD Mitch Anderson. I also like that we see Jordan having a little more control with his powers as we seen him get comfortable with it.


Episode two feels a like the writers are doing to much to early. We get the whole Jordan and Sarah who reveals she’s interested in someone else and confused. It’s a CW love triangle that will ready hurt the series.

We get some Natalie Irons focus which feels like a different series. The series is already some of the stuff that could potentially hurt the series with doing way to much. It appears this version of Superman history has changed after the Crisis on Infinite Earth Crossover.


Episode two is solid, but we have yet to see Doomsday yet. That worries me if he’s going to look really bad in CG. But we will see. The seeds are starting to shoe what will hurt their show.


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