Season Two of Superman &Lois Premiere was Decent

The CW’s Superman and Lois series returned last Tuesday dealing with the aftermath of season one with the arrival of Natalie Irons played by Tayler Buck. Season two gives both story arks to Clark and Lois for this season.


I liked the parent stuff between Lois and Clark in terms of how to deal with their teenage boys. It is fresh to see Clark in the parent role and try to figure out how to be the best dad and husband to his family as it is still new to him after being a single child and alone for most of his life before he allowed Lois to be in his life and have a family of his own is fresh for the 82 year old character.

The series continues to do a good job with the blend of superhero action and family drama at the Kent’s farm. The series introduced the new DOD general named Mitch Anderson played by Ian Bohen, who will be a big pain in the ass in the series to Superman now that General Lane is retired. The series is setting up an Army of Supermen.

Lois is focusing on adding staff to the Smallville Gizzet, but struggles to accept hiring anyone that doesn’t fit her ethics and work load as a journalist. It’s nice to see Lois in a different role an making decisions as her own boss. I am liking a lot of Elizabeth Tulloch potrayl as Lois Lane, because it’s a blend of Amy Adams, and Margot Kidder versions of Lois Lane.

As for John and Nathalie Irons they are struggling to find their place in this new universe, and I’m glad to see they moved into the Kent Farm to move forward with the awkwardness between Lois and Natalie. Hopefully the writers do not spend a whole lot of time with this ark and move forward with something else.


We get a lot of One Tree Hill drama vibe with the Kent boys. Sarah returning from Camp has a different outlook and those feelings for Jordan may not be there anymore. I’m not a fan of Jordan is the show he reminds me of the whining Anakin Skywalker. Obviously the CW loves these teen dramas as this will continue to be the weak part of the series.

We get to see what the Cushing family has been up to post Morgan Edge. They are throwing their hats to support a political leader in Daniel Hart. So far I’m not sure where this is going yet and how it will tie into season 2.


We get a tease of Superman classic villain Doomsday who will make his series debut at some point. It will be interesting to see how he fits in this when Tyler Hoechlin’s Superman has fought him already base from the Arrowverse previous series. Hopefully Doomsday looks good in this like in Krypton series.


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