The Book of Boba Fett Improved in Ep 3 but Not Enough

After three episodes of The Book of Boba Fett. This series has to be the most boredom and garbage series I have ever seen since the sequel trilogy. However It did improve a little bit Minor Spoilers.


The best part of the series so far was Black Krrsantan the Bounty Hunter. We waste no time in watching the character in a big action scene with Boba Fett. We see how strong he is and how he isn’t a Wookie to messed with. I was rooting for him to rip this version of Boba Fett.

We are finally done with the Flashbacks and we can move toward in the present as they have yet to serve a purpose in the series yet. One of my favorite actors Danny Trejo makes his Star Wars debut as the new Rancor keeper. I should’ve known he would be involved in the series since Robert Rodriguez directed the episode.


Boba Fett recruits four teenagers with attitudes to be in his gang as they feel like the Power Rangers of the series. There’s a lot of cringe moments with those characters. Especially with Boba Fett and his new Rancor.

The flashbacks in this again was worthless as we see the conclusion to Boba’s Tribe. As we expected what happens to his tribe. Temuera Morrison hasn’t been great as Boba Fett. He was better off remaining as Jango Fett.


I enjoyed the episode but the improvements was enough for the series yet. The Book of Boba Fett feels like something I need to watch for a review instead of enjoying the series.


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