Dexter New Blood gives the Series a Better send Off!

With the out cry of fans after the negative reaction to Dexter season 8 and series finale. A decade later Dexter returns in a possible limited series Dexter New Blood to give the series and the fans a closing finale it deserved with return creator/Former Show Runner Clyde Phillips returns to give the fans a better series ending to the beloved series.


Michael C. Hall should get another Emmy for his potrayl as Dexter. Michael C. Hall brings back our favorite serial killer Dexter and he never missed a stepped. From episode one through ten audiences like myself was glued and felt season 9 was a continuation after season 4.

Clancy Brown’s performance as Kurt Caldwell was another great addition to the series as a serial killer adversary against Dexter. Clancy Brown is an underrated actor and gave a great performance. Julia Jones as Angela Bishop the Police Chief of Iron Lakes. She was the Deb of the series as we see similar treats of Deb in her which is why Dexter was drawn to her.

Jack Alcott as Harrison Morgan, Dexter son was fantastic and has bright future in acting. He is Deb, Harry, and Rita in one in terms treats. We see moments of that in the finale of New Blood. The does a great job with Harrison and will keep audience guessing until the very end if he has a dark passenger.

I thought the writing was great and tied up a lot of loose ends up. No pun attended. My favorite episode of the series was episode 8 “Unfair Games.” The series had a lot of great moments between Dexter and Harrison. The best writing of the series was the finale “Sins of the Father.”

The series does a good job with how they bring back Deb Morgan played by Jennifer Carpenter, and Angel Batista played by David Zayas.


There is some weak moments in the series especially in the early episodes. The early episodes had a slow build up, before we get paid off moments and great momentum for the series.

There some head scratching moments especially with Angela uncovering Jim Lindsay’s secrets.


Dexter New Blood gives the long time series a better ending than the original series gave the show. However I’m sure there will be fans who will feel mixed about how the series end in Dexter New Blood. We all have our own ending for Dexter but this was a better ending than we originally got. Keep in mind the series feels open end for the series to return for another season.


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