The Witcher Season 2 is a Huge Improvement!!

Witcher season two continues sometime after Ciri and Geralt meets each other at the end of season one. Season two focuses on Ciri’s training, and her journey into becoming a Witcher. Season two focuses on her father figure relationship with Geralt of Rivia who is played by Henry Cavill.


Season two fixes the issues from season one with a consisted story that flows from start to finish without confusion the audience did in season one. There is no flash backs and flash forward everything happens in present time in season two.

Ciri (Freya Allan) and Triss Merigold (Anna Shaffer) looks more like their video game counter part, which should make fans of the video game very happy to see the producers and Netflix is listening to the fans. I thought Anna Shaffer as Triss was very good in her potrayl as the fan favorite character. Freya Allan as Ciri will be a big name actress as she did a great job with her role as Ciri as she takes on a bigger role and co lead of season two.

Henry Cavill once again does a great job as Geralt of Rivia who plays the strong protagonist and caring father to Ciri. The chemistry between Henry and Freya is fantastic as Geralt and Ciri who shows the father and daughter relationship. I loved the practical and CG effects in season two as they look better done for the monsters and creepiness in season two.

We are introduced to another fan favorite from the novel and video games Vesemer, who is played by Kim Bodnia. Vesemer looks a little different from his video game counterpart but Kim Bodnia is another standout from season two. I highly recommend audiences to watch the animated movie The Witcher Nightmare of the Wolf as the animated story ties into season two. The animated movie gives back story of Vesemer and what happened to the rest of the Witchers.

Another new comer Graham McTavish, who is best known from Lucifer series plays the villain Sigismund Dijkstra who is looking for Ciri like many of the rulers from the North and Nifgaard. His entrance in the series was memorable and shows he is someone you don’t want to cross.

We get to spend a lot of time at Kaer Morthen home of the Witchers. We meet Lambert played by Paul Bullion and Coen played by Yasen Atour. Both are great and their roles as the series feels more respected to the novel and video games.


I thought Anya Chalotra as Yennefer was in consist in her performance of season two. Some of the boring parts was the sorceressary stuff that will bore some fans. It does lead to some important stuff with big reveals but a lot of the Yennefer stuff will be hard to get through.

I think it’s time to put the Jaskier character to rest as he continues to be annoying and unfunny comic relief the show doesn’t need. The show has a lot of characters and will continue to add more familiar characters from the video game I think the show should move on from Jaskier.


Season two is a huge improvement that will make fans of the video game and novels very happy. The series teases the direction they plan to move forward next that will have everyone very excited as season three will become bigger with high expectations to deliver. Witcher is no Game of Thrones but that shouldn’t stop the series of becoming something special.


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