The Matrix Resurrection is the Best of the Sequels to The Matrix

The Matrix Resurrections is the forth installment of The Matrix franchise. Keanu Reeves, and Carrie Ann Moss return as Neo and Trinity. With Jada Pinkett Smith, Jonathan Groll, Yahya Abdul-Marteen 2nd, Jessica Hedwick, and Neil Patrick Harris.


I enjoyed the story as it felt fresh and rejuvenating for the franchise. Keanu Reeve is always great on screen no matter who he is playing. I thought the standout of the film was Jessica Henwick as Bugs. Her performance was a great addition to the franchise. I was very invested in the story after the first hour. We learned what the aftermath was after Revolution, with surprise reveals and the new storied direction for the franchise. It made me re-invest into the Franchise again.


However it does have it’s issues. The first hour of the film is hard to get through because of the bad nostalgic they over used from the first film. The other problem was bring in new actors Yahya Abdul-Mateen the 2nd, as the new Morpheus and Jonathan Groff as Agent Smith. The two actors played new characters with the same name. They should’ve been called something different. If they couldn’t bring back Hugo Weaving do not use Agent Smith. Nobody will measure up to his performance as Agent Smith from the first three films. When we learn what this Morpheus is in the story it would’ve made sense to not call him Morpheus.

Neil Patrick Harris is a mixed in this because of who he is playing in the movie. He’s not charismatic and hopefully he will be recast after the big reveal of his character in the movie.


Matrix Resurrection has its issues but it I by far the better sequel to the original film.


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