Spider-Man No Way Home is the Best Marvel movie Ever!

I apologize for my late review of Spiderman No Way Home. I have seen the movie twice and the first time I watched it I had so much to process in one viewing of the movie. This will be a full spoilers review of the movie so if you haven’t seen the movie do not read my review yet.


This was the best performance by Tom Holland as Spiderman/Peter Parker. The movie felt like a Spiderman movie after his first two movies was meh. Zendaya and Jacob Batalon as Michelle Jones and Ned Leeds were very good in this and did not feel cringe or cheesy in their performance. Marisa Tomei finally felt like Aunt May with her selfless acts and caring for helping people.

Benedict Cumberbatch as Doctor Strange was fun to watch on the big screen again as we learned his status as Supreme has changed. We get a good funny moment in the movie but better in its full contexts.

Yes Andrew Garfield, and Tobey McGuire return as their version of Spiderman/Peter Parker from the previous movies and stole the show from Tom Holland. I wasn’t a fan of the Tobey McGuire version of Peter Parker but Kevin Feige did a great job making him mature and in a Uncle Ben type role to his two young versions of himself.

Andrew Garfield in my opinion proved to be the better Spider-Man/Peter Parker of the three, because his Spiderman is witty, and funnier. His Peter Parker we can buy as a real scientist with how he get right into the scientific research like a mechanic does working on a car. He gets the best moment of the movie that fans will cheer and love. I hope this is not the last we see him as Spiderman.

All of the five returning villains and their actors were fantastic. None of them felt chessy and cringe. I love how Kevin Feige made Electro and the Lizard more of a threat and intimidating. Jamie Foxx as Maxx/Electro was my favorite villain outside of William Dafoe’s Green Goblin. Alfred Molina I thought was good as Doc Oct. The fight at the bridge with Spiderman was really good and when the story actually begins.

William Dafoe in my opinion proved to be and still the best Marvel villain portrayal ever. He did not forget how to play both Norman Osborne/Green Goblin in the movie after 20 years. His performance in this will rival Heath Ledger’s Joker from The Dark Knight film.


There is a few plot holes related to the past story points from the past Spiderman movies. Their are some cringe moments from the beginning but it is forgettable.


Spider-Man No Way Home is the Best Spider-Man and Marvel movie yet. This will be a movie everyone will be talking about for a long time as it will rival The Dark Knight. The movie will set up many future possibilities for Spider-Man and Peter Parker future in the movies and set up a new trilogy for Tom Holland Peter Parker.


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