Spider-Man No Way Home predictions!

The movie is set to premiere tomorrow evening at the UK and for the world to finally watch on Thursday. I’m gonna put SPOILERS incase some of my predictions come true. With the reviews coming out at 100% positive so far. I want to present my predictions to what happened in No Way Home.

Tobey and Andrew Will Play a Big Role

If Tobey McGuire and Andrew Garfield are in the film which they are. I believe they will have a bigger role than we all thought. I’m guess they will be in the film for an hour an ten minutes. Since its a been over decade since we seen the two of them, I believe Tobey and Andrew’s Peter Parker have moved on from Spiderman when the MCU Spider-Man meets the two of them. I see Tobey’s Peter playing the Uncle Ben role to Tom Holland’s Peter, and Andrew Garfield ‘s Peter is the cool cousin to Tom Holland’s Peter.


I am a fan of the May Parker character from the Spider-Girl comics back in the day. If Tobey’s Peter settled down with Kristen Dunst MJ, this would be a great opportunity to introduced May Parker. This would be a great way to go back to the Sam Rami’s Spider-Man by following May Parker and her legacy following her dad.

Mary Jane Watson and Karen Page will Appear!

If Tobey McGuire is returning I expect Kirsten Dunst to reprise her role as MJ again. We can’t have one without the other. If little May is running around it make sense for her to return as well.

We know Charlie Cox is returning as Matt Murdoch/Daredevil in the MCU. He’s gonna need an assistant to help him to clear Peter’s name from murder and Spider-Man. What better surprise is to have Deborah Ann Woll return with him as Karen Page in the film. Kevin Feige did say stay tune when ask if someone else will be returning with Charlie Cox from the Marvels Netflix series.

Dive Deep into the Multiverse!

We will probably get some kind of conclusion for Spider-Man, but it won’t end for Doctor Strange as he will have to go deep into the Multiverse to fix everything. This how we will get our mid credit teaser for the upcoming sequel Doctor Stranfe Multiverse of Madness.

The Vulture, and Venom will Appear!

I find it hard to believe none of Tom Holland’s Spider-Man villains will make appearances. I believe Michael Keaton will reprise his role as Toomes/Vulture because the villains from the previous franchises need a someone to guide them in the MCU and to understand this version of Peter.

As for Venom I do believe he will have a run in with the MCU Spider-Man in the film, and learns he’s not a murderer and will help him take down the 5 villains with Tom, Tobey, and Andrew.

Everyone Will Forget Peter is Spider-Man!

I think by the end of the film Doctor Strange spell will work just like in the One More Day comic Book story did. This means Peters relationships will change with Ned, Michelle, and probably the entire MCU. This will be away to close out the first Spider-Man trilogy of Tom Holland’s Spider-Man, and start the second trilogy with a fresh start into the college years for Peter. Michelle “MJ” moves on with her life, and Ned’s path in becoming the Hobgoblin in a future Spider-Man film.

What do you think?

Let me know your predictions and thoughts of who will make a surprise cameo or small role. Please like and Subscribe to my blog!


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