Is Barry Keoghan playing the Joker in The Batman?

For about over a month the rumors continue to be hot with Barry Keoghan playing the Joker in Robert Pattinson’s The Batman film and in the franchise. It started out as a rumor but blew up last month, when his brother Eric Keoghan said on Facebook in a now deleted response “So it’s finally out my Brother playing the JOKER in the new Batman Unreal Stuff.”

Since then the rumors hasn’t slowed down an only continues to pick up steam after a third Batman trailer for Japan came out over the weekend and released new footage and one featured a Joker teased.

The Batman Japanese trailer
The Batman Japanese trailer

My Thoughts

We know Barry Keoghan was cast to play A police officer named Stanley Merkel seen from Batman Year One and The Dark Knight Returns by Frank Miller. Now according to creditable sources has not play Merkel as it was supposedly a cover to hide who he truly is playing.

I’m not sure if Barry Keoghan would be the right fit to play the Joker. For one he is now getting a lot of recognition this year for films he was featured in like Green Knight, and Eternals. Second he is 5’7 so he would be the shortest ever to play the Joker. I also think Warner Brothers would want a big name actor to play the iconic character instead of depending on an unknown actor.

Barry Keoghan does look like he could play a young Jonathan Crane pre Scarecrow, or Maybe a young Hugo Strange. Hugo Strange is 5’7 to 6’1 in the comic books so I can see Barry Keoghan fit that characters better. This film will be a mystery physiologic thriller and it would make sense for a Hugo Strange to fit in this Matt Reeves Batman world.

Barry Keoghan was asked about his role in The Batman and has said he cannot talk about it. Which is understandable because there is a lot hidden about the film. I can see The Batman tease a Joker for the sequel similar to what Batman Begins did before a full introduction of the Joker in The Dark Knight film.

What Are Your Thoughts?

Let me know what everyone thinks? Do you buy Barry Keoghan as the Joker or as another Batman villain? Share your thoughts in the comments and Subscribe to my blog.


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