Hawkeye continues to be a Fun Action Packed in Episode 3

Episode three continues where we left off from episode two. Clint and Kate are still captured by the track suit gang with Echo as their leader who is out for blood against the Ronin. Minor Spoilers!


The action gets ampted up with a great car chase scene from the track suit gang chasing after Hawkeye and Kate. We see a a few cool trick arrows Kate uses. We learned more about Clint and how he feels guilt to what happened to Natasha in Avenger’s End Game.

Hailee Steinfeld continues to do a great job matching the chemistry with Jeremy Renner. I like the little moments between the two. The episode has a good balance between the witty sense of humor and the serious moments.

We get a very quick and exciting cameo in the beginning of the episode that has people talking. We finally see Florence Pugh return as Yelena Belova who is going after Clint for his connection to what happened to Natasha in Avenger’s End Game.


I thought Maya Lopez as Echo was good so far but I still need to see more. It looks like Kate’s mom is the surprise main villain with the amount of questions about Hawkeye, and how Disney with Marvel Studios are very predictable these days.

We do get some cheesy moments that will take some audience out of the episode for a short time.


Episode 3 titled as Echoes is a solid introduction to Echo and New York underground of crime. Hopefully we see more of the cameo character in the next episode.


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