REVIEW: Masters of the Universe Revelation Part 2

Kevin Smith’s Masters of the Universe Revelation Part two was released the other day. This was the second half of the first season. Does part two get better after how things end in part one? Minor Spoilers!!


The highlights for me was the Savage He-man. It was something new and exciting to watch for action. Kevin Smith did a great job giving a lot of established characters from the original series their own arc. Part two feels like a co protagonist of Adam and Teela.

We get a lot of Adam in part two and we see him do some things we didn’t see him do from the original series. I thought Teela was better in part two compared to part one since it wasn’t 100% about her. The animation from the series was the strong point from the series. Beautifully drawn well through out season one.

We get to see Scare-Glow again voice by Tony Todd which I was excited to see. The pace of part two felt a lot fast without an open intro. Sarah Michelle Gellar, Lena Headey, Liam Cunningham, and Chris Wood did fantastic job in lending their voices to being the characters to life.

Part two brought a lot of action and did not feel slow at all. We get some fun action fights with Skeletor and Savage He-man I think will enjoy a lot.


I will say Mark Hamill was a missed cast to voice Skeletor, because he sounded to much like the Joker, and Skeletor was written to be a dumb character. I wanted to see more Skeletor after part one so this was be careful what I wish for moment. The original voice actor Alan Oppenheimer should’ve reprise his role as Skeletor to make this feel connected to the original series.

It’s very clear this series by Kevin Smith did not know how to a tell strong female characters. All of them are overlapped with muscle and have these woke moments. This time Evil Lyn gets woke in part two. This will be something that will annoy fans and audience.

Some of the story points from part two made no sense are cringing moments in part two.


As He-man says to Skeletor in the finale of part two. “It’s not about us anymore!” That is true and that’s why the series will not get a second season. Part two has a lot of great action moments and good voice acting.


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