Halloween Kills the Franchise Again!

Halloween Kills is the recent reboot sequel to the original Halloween film of 1978. Halloween Kills take place immediately after Halloween 2018 series. The film stars Jamie Lee Curtis as Laurie Strode, Anthony Michael Hall as Tommy Doyle, and Judy Greer as Karen Nelson. Does the sequel film live up to expectations? NO SPOILERS!


Lots of good kills as the film lives up to its title Halloween Kills. Michael Myers kills a lot of people in a variety of different ways. We see Michael Myers move quickly and gets creative with his kills. The park scene I thought was a standout in the film. Lots of call backs to Halloween 1978 and and Halloween 3.

The music score was the highlight from the film, as it built up to a scary Michael Myers moments.


The story is a giant mess, and has a lot of pacing issues. The writers did not know what the sequel should be about. It shift from Laurie to characters from the town.

Some of the kills were stupid and hilarious at the same time. Lots of plot holes and it didn’t make any sense for the storied direction. The writers tries to balance everything but fails to do so.


Halloween Kills is up there as one of the worse Halloween movies. It is just as bad as Halloween Curse of Michael Myers and Rob Zombie’s Halloween 2.


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