REVIEW: Chucky Episode One

SyFy’s new series Chucky centers around a new character named Jake, played by Zachary Arthur, who is a teenager that finds a Good Guy doll at a yard sale and his life would change forever. The series continues from the latest Chucky sequel The Cult of Chucky. Brad Dourif returns as the voice as Chucky. Season one is eight episodes long and will be on every Tuesday night at 10pm on SyFy. No Spoilers.


The pilot episode does a good job setting up and introduces new characters and our new lead character Jake played by Zachary Arthur. The pilot episode goes back to basics with the franchise as a reintroduction to Chucky and his world.

The writing does a good job setting up some important story points that will be mention again. Audience will be given a hint as to why Chucky is in the town of Hackensack that will connect to his childhood some how.Audience will be happy to see vintage Chucky moment in the pilot episode with a little comedy as a balance.

Brad Dourif is the best part of the episode as audience will be patient to watch what he does next as Chucky.


I’m not sure what to think of Jake yet, because either the writer’s are trying to make him sympathetic to connect to the audience or show how disturb he is with his art. The rest of the supporting cast we meet are teenagers who feel like they are from a 90s horror film.

Don’t expect a whole lot to happen in the pilot episode as it sets up and character builds what is coming in future episodes.


It’s not a bad start for a Chucky series, but I would wait until the first three episodes of Chucky is out before watching.


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