Venom Let there be Carnage is Fun Garbage

Venom Let there be Carnage is the latest sequel to the hit movie Venom. The sequel is about Eddie and Venom’s partnership and going up against Another alien symbiote Carnage who’s host is a serial killer Cletus Kasady who has it out for Eddie Brock. No spoilers…


I thought Woody Harrelson played a great villain as Carnage/Cletus Kasady. He was menacing, intimidating, and he had fun playing the character. I enjoyed the bickering between Eddie and Venom as this was a very entertaining sequel. I thought the CGI was surprisingly good when we see Carnage and Venom on screen.

I thought Tom Hardy played a good Eddie Brock and was entertaining. I thought the writing was cleared as to why Cletus Kasady had motive to go after Eddie Brock.


It’s very clear Sony interfer with the sequel, because there is gaps missing from the story to help it to connect. I thought Naomie Harris as Shriek was wasted in the sequel, because she wasn’t needed at all and the love interest to Cletus was a force.

It’s very clear Andy Serkus wanted the sequel to be R rated, but the Studio force it to be PG13 which it the sequel.


I enjoyed the hell out of the sequel and thought it was better than the first one. The post credit scene is going to get people talking and excited for what’s next for Venom.


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