REVIEW: What If…? Ep4 Season 1

Episode four centers around Doctor Strange and goes back to his first movie as what if he did not injured his hands but instead of his heart. The episode stars Benedict Cumberbatch, Benedict Wong, and Rachel McAdams returned to give their voices for the animated episode. MINOR SPOILERS


The direction of What If had a very good story because Doctor Strange does everything he possibility can to bring his love back. Audiences will feel for Doctor Strange and how it shapes him into becoming a villain.

Everyone who return to give their voices did a great job like they did when they performed their live action counter part.

I loved the cosmic stuff that was used in the episode. The battle of the cloaks between Strange and Supreme Strange was cool to see.


I thought animation was choppy and to dark to follow at times.


I really enjoyed the episode and like the possibility of what could’ve been which could’ve destroyed the MCU.


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