REVIEW: DC’S Titans season 3 Episode 5

Episode five titled “Lazarus,” written by Bryan Edward Hill gives us a flashback to three months before the events of the of Jason Todd’s death and Red Hood. Episode five ties everything up into what happen after Jason died. MINOR SPOILERS!!!


This is full center episode of Jason Todd and how he struggles overcoming his fears that happen in Titans season 2 and against Deathstroke. I am happy the answers are revealed to how or what happen after he died. Everything is revealed in the episode to his transformation to Redhood. For this show it makes sense. As I’m treating this series as an else world DCU.

I love the Bruce Wayne and Jason Todd moments as Bruce views him as a son. It feels like Bruce is trying to be a better mentor to Jason than he was to Dick and the difference is very clear just like from the comic books. In my opinion Curran Walters is Jason Todd Robin because he makes him the unlikable asshole he is from the comic books. I’m still not sold on his Red Hood.

We get more awesome Easter eggs from the batcave. Fans are going to be very excited with the surprise Easter eggs and references. I appreciate it a lot of the comic books accurate to Jason Todd backstory especially when he refence Two-Face who killed his dad.


We meet another long time Bat family member Leslie Tompkins who is a lot younger compared to her comic book counterpart. We learned there was a thing between her and Bruce which sounded gross.

Overall 8/10

Episode five is great bounce back episode for the series after episode 4. Lots of Jason Todd and Easter eggs that Bat fans will be happy with.


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