REVIEW: DC’S Titans Season 3 Episode 4

After the shocking ending from episode three. The team is still dealing with the aftermath of losing another Titan member and a good friend who is family. MINOR SPOILERS!!!!!!!!!!!


We get a lot of Jonathan Crane in the episode and learn his role/connection to Jason Todd. We see a little bit of Lex Luthor in Connor after he has failed to save one of his friends. Joshua Orpin in my opinion has been very under use but when he does get a Chace to have scenes he does a great job owning the moment. It’s clear this failure will be something stuck to him as he is trying to find his place in the world.

Vincent Kartheiser who plays Jonathan Crane plays him very creepy and weird as he’s meant to be. The actor puts in a lot of work in making Jonathan Crane creepy and intimidating without wearing the scarecrow mask, and he was a stand out.

We get another Nightwing vs Redhood fight scene which was awesome to watch. The flashback of how Bruce trained Dick reminded me of how Batman treated Dick in All Star Batman and Robin title by Frank Miller and Jim Lee.


The Way Dawn was written out after the death of Hank was poorly handled. I thought Dawn would be our for revenge against Jason Todd, but instead she decided to leave Gotham to spend time with family. That was not the same character I seen in episode three after she pulled the trigger that killed Hank.

I have no clue why Blackfire is in this, because her original story for season three was scrap an happens off screen. I’m not sure if they are setting up Redhood and Blackfire alliance. I’m not sure what they are doing with Starfire either to be honest.

OVERALL 5.5/10

Episode four so far is the weakest episode yet by far. We get some awesome Nightwing and Redhood fight scenes and good moments from Jonathan Crane.


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