REVIEW: Marvel’s What If…? Episode 2

The MCU takes us to a new what if possibilities in another alternate world of what if T’Challa was kidnapped by Yandu over Peter Quill? What alternate changes would come of it? Episode 2 present a very out of the box possibility that will blow Marvel fans away. MINOR SPOILERS


This episode will please a lot of fans interms of how ambitious this possibility of T’Challa who becomes Star Lord in this alternate universe, and the amount of good he does for the galaxy compared to Peter Quill. It was awesome to hear the late great Chadwick Boseman who voices T’Challa one last time. I am sure audiences will be instantly emotionally invested in the episode.

Huge alternative changes happens under T’Challa as Starlord that will surprise a lot of people. We see so much good and life alternate changes T’Challa was able to swings to some of the biggest characters in the MCU. This episode shows no matter where you put T’Challa, he will always make a positive impact.

We do see some changes to a few of our favorite Guardians of the Galaxy characters that will make some fans happy to see. Plus a Howard the Duck appearance!


The biggest negative was Kroath who was reprise by Djimon Hounsou. Kroath does but fan boy out over Starlord it gets annoying fast. The other negative was the predictable sense of humor between Kroath and T’Challa when they first meet from the episode.

There is a few reveals but are turned into cop outs that will disappoint the audiences. Some of the decisions for a big character will be a head scratcher and mixed for the audiences.


Even though it’s only the second episode watching T’Challa do all things right over Peter Quill as Starlord shows a universe is in a better place but we do see at this as we trade one end of the universe for another.


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