REVIEW: Marvel’s What If? Episode 1

Marvel’s What If? Is a new animated series within in the MCU that takes place after the the fallout from Loki season 1 finale. The first episode as heavy promoted centers around Peggy Carter voice by Haley Atwell who returns to the role but this time as Captain Carter. MINOR SPOILERS


I thought the animation looked fantastic. Haley Atwell did a great job reprising her role but as a voice for Peggy Carter. There is no Chris Evans but we have Josh Keaton who voices Steve Rogers. He did a good job bring his voice for Steve Rogers. Everyone else who was in Captain America The First Avenger reprised their role with their voice from Sebastian Stan as Bucky to Stanley Tucci’s Dr Erskine.

I thought Ross Marquand who played Red Skull in Infinity War, and End Game did a good job voicing Red Skull. We do get some surprises related to Agent Carter series and maybe a connection to Doctor Strange The Multiverse of Madness.


Do not expect this to be a long episode. The story is very similar to Captain America The First Avenger. The difference is the role of Peggy Carter and Steve Rogers is reversed.

Expect to watch quick episodes. The pacing is not great.


I didn’t find the first episode to be anything special but a retell of the first Captain America film. The action is fun and fast pace. A lot of stars return to voice their character on the big screen. Hope the series continues to improve.


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