REVIEW: Batman The Long Halloween Part Two

Part Two takes place right after the after credit scene and the fallout from part one. Bruce Wayne staring Jensen Ackles is under Posion Ivy spell while the Holiday Killer is still on the loose, and Harvey Dent gets in the middle of a mob war. MINOR SPOILERS


I thought the late Naya Rivera who voices Selina Kyle/Catwoman was a huge standout in part two. Her Catwoman steals the scene everytime she appears. I liked how they tied Catwoman in Rome into “The Long Halloween,” story. It’s written by Jeph Loeb and illustrated by Tim Sale and I really love that the animators added to the story.

I love how creepy they animatio made Scarecrow and Jarvis Tech who reminded me of the Leprechaun horror character which was creatively great. They both get great moments in the second part of the story. Josh Duhamel voice as Harvey Dent and as Two-Face was a lot better than he was in part one. His voice for Two-Face reminded me of Batman TAS which was fantastic.

Jensen Ackles as Batman continues to be a great choice for the DCAU reboot. I’m looking forward to see more of him voicing Batman as it was hinted in the after credits where we will see his Batman nexted. Not a whole lot of changes to the story but they did find away to kick a few months off while leading back to Halloween.

As for the reveal of who the Holiday Killer was in my opinion was a great twist as it is faithfull to the graphic novel while adding a spin to it, and I was fine with it.


We do get a flashback to the Wayne murders which I think people will be turned off by it because we know Batman’s origin.


Batman The Long Halloween graphic novel is one of my favorite Batman stories and I thought DC’s animation did a great job bring that story to animation and respected the story material. I hope we get another Batman story like this in the near future.


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