REVIEW: Loki Episode Three

Episode three continues right after the thrilling cliffhanger from episode two. Audience will learn a few big reveals and a excited adventure with Loki and the variant played by Sophia Di Martino in episode three titled Lamentis. MINOR SPOILERS.


We get to know a little more about Sophia Di Martino’s Loki variant as she does not like to be called Loki and refers to herself with a new name. We learn a little bit of her powers that is reminisces of another Marvel villain the Enchantress from Thor Ragnarok movie.

Tom Hiddleston as always shows how fun it is to be the God of Mischief as we see him drink and dance with fun while he and the variant are stuck on apocalyptic moment in time.

I thought the chemistry between Tom Hiddleston and Sophia Di Martino was great. They might be a Loki but they are different from one another. They know not to trust one another but they know they need each other’s help.

We learn a huge shock about the TVA that will change how audience sees them and hopefully the answer will be address soon in the next two episodes. The CG in the episode continues to feel cinematic just like watching the MCU on the big screen.


Even tho the episode has a few fun action moments the episode does get sluggish at times. Don’t expect a whole lot of revelations to come out about Sophia Di Martino Loki variant.

I thought music score wasn’t as great like the first two episodes. Some of the big moments for Loki and the variant didn’t feel big and the ending could confuse people. This episode is shorter than the first two episodes.

OVERALL: 7.5/10

It might be the weakest episode yet of Loki but it’s still a fun short filler episode that reveals a big surprise about the TVA that will change the story moving forward in the series.


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