REVIEW: Loki Episode 1

Marvel Studios third TV series Loki spins off from Marvels The Avengers End Game movie, after alternate Loki steals the tesseract from End Game he finds himself in serious trouble from the Time Variance Authority (TVA) who operate outside of the time to maintain the multiverse timeline. The series stars fan favorite Tom Hiddleston as Loki with Owen Wilson as TVA’s Detective Mobius M. Mobius MINOR SPOILERS.


Tom Hiddleston’s Loki continues to show why he’s the best villain in the MCU. We see examples of that as to why he is the god of mischief. He is a one man show in the pilot episode. I enjoyed the chemistry between Mobius and Loki audiences will see there’s something entertaining between the two. I thought Owen Wilson put on a good performance as Detective Mobius. Owen brings a little of his Hutch vibe from Starsky and Hutch film.

The pilot does a great job setting up the story with a surprise reveal that will have audience wanting more. Lots of nods or Easter eggs or nods to Kang the Conqueror who is set to appear in Ant-Man 3. Such as Ravonna Lexus played by Gugu Mbatha- Raw who is known to be Kang’s girlfriend from the comic books.

I found it fun or cool idea of connecting the Asgardians to some true events such as the J.D. Brown case. I’m sure this is not the only time Asgard missed with history. We also learn a little bit about Nexus from the opening intro to TVA and how they are set to protect the multiverse. For those who forgot Nexus was one of the commercials from WandaVision. It’s clear this show in my opinion will be the foundational piece to a bigger story in the next phases of the MCU.


I’m getting tired of a lot of the water cooler jokes in the MCU. There’s one specific scene in the pilot episode that down plays the infinity stones which audiences will find very annoyed when they hear the joke. The bad jokes as I said is tiried some and needs a shake up.


Loki’ s Glorious Purpose is clearly the best pilot episode of the previous two MCU shows that appears on Disney Plus. This is a must watch show if you love Marvel because Loki series plays a very important role in the next phases of the MCU.


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