REVIEW: Superman and Lois Episode 7

Episode 7 titled “Man of Steel,” centerd around Captain Luther played by Wole Parks and Jordan gets his super hearing as Clark helps him try to control his super hearing. This episode reveals a lot about Captain Luther with a surprise twist. MINOR SPOILERS


Tyler Hoechlin and Elizabeth Tulloch continues to be the best Lois and Clark on screen in a long time. We learn the fate to Captain Luther’s Lois Lane from his earth and that they were married and had a kid name Natasha. I liked his scenes with Elizabeth Tulloch (Lois). Knowing what she means to him from his world an witnessing her life on another shows how difficult it is for him, and that shows how good of a performance Wole Parks is portraying his character.

In my opinion this was the best episode for Wole Parks as he was the highlight of a very important episode. Superman fans will be shocked at the reveal of who Wole Parks really is as he is not playing Luther after all.

I thought Jonathan Kent played by Jordan Elsass was very good in the episode he’s becoming more likeable as the season progresses. His interactions with Cushing and finding a new love interest will have fans happy for him. Even though he has no powers that won’t stop him from trying to help and to go great lengths to protect his family.

I haven’t mention much about Lana Lang played by Entourage alum Emmanuelle Chrique. She’s a great casting choice for Lana Lang and has done a good job so far especially since her story revolves around Morgan Edge and his plans to give humans kryptoning powers from X-kryptonite. I am hoping we get more scenes of her and Clark as it’s been awhile since we seen the two I’m screen together.


Nothing against Alex Garlin who plays Jordan Kent but the character has become more annoying and has a Anakin Skywalker vibe since he wines and complains all the time. The show need a to give him something better to do as the series is hinting that Jordan and Jonathan will go against one another at some point in the show.

I thought it was frustrating that Clark didn’t know what do after Jordan got his super hearing. I thought we would get another Martha and Clark moment to show how he manage to control his super hearing.

OVERALL: 8.5/10

Easily one of the best episodes since the pilot episode. Wole Parks is fantastic in the episode. The reveal of his identity will surprise a lot of Supermans in a good way as it’s hard to believe this Luthor was humanizing and good.


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