REVIEW: Jupiter’s Legacy

Jupiter’s Legacy is a show based on the comic book series from Image Comic books by Mark Millar and Frank Quitely. It is about a new generation of the next superheroes who struggle to live up to their golden age predecessors. Jupiter’s Legacy is the first of many from Mark Millar’s comic book stories that will either be turned into a live action series or movie by Netflix. No Spoilers.


I thought the casting for Sheldon and Walter who is played by Josh Duhamel, and Ben Daniels was a great a casting choice because their chemistry as brothers who have been around for almost 100 years was great acting. Being a fan of the comic book series I was looking forward to Matt Lanter portrayal as George aka Skyfox. I thought Matt was great as George and I am sure we will see more of what happen to him between the rise of the Union to his downfall.

I thought the story for this season was unexpected but rejuvenating, because the story that was told in season one was not written in the comic books. This story will help bring new audiences who did not read the series to understand this kind of superhero world and their origins of Jupiter’s Legacy.

I thought the suit designing for the series had a Man of Steel vibe to them but they did look great on screen. I thought the standout from season one was Ben Daniels who plays Walter Sampson. Ben brought this character alive straight from the comic books. Ben had charisma and action as Walter and you did not know where he was going. I also like to mention two other standouts Ian Quinlan who plays George’s son Hutch and Andrew Horton who plays Sheldon’s son Brandon. They brought charisma as Hutch and Brandon like their comic book encounters. I also thought the series did a great job with the flashbacks as the flashbacks was more interesting than the current time for season one.


The series was a little sluggish from the beginning. If you are a fan of the comic book series you will be a little disappointed that season one and possible season two is a prequel that will lead into the Jupiter’s Legacy volume one. The fighting in this could’ve been done better in my opinion especially the battle with Blackstar who is like Mongul or Darksied inspired.

Hopefully Netflix will hire better people for the fight choreography in season two. The series did have trouble defining what story they wanted to for Jupiter’s Legacy, because of the flashbacks.

Overall: 7/10

Jupiter’s Legacy season one is good superhero show for Netflix. It does have it’s moments but after a few episodes the series gets good and very appealing especially the flashbacks.


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