REVIEW: Star Wars The Bad Batch Episode 1

The trailer for the next CGI Star Wars series “The Bad Batch,” did not do enough justice to show how good the series is. The Bad Batch is the latest Star Wars CGI series hit on Disney Plus. Once again Dave Filoni hits a grand slam after watching the first episode. MINOR SPOILERS


As I said the trailers did not do enough to showcase how good this Bad Batch really is. If you loved Star Wars Revenge of the Sith and Star Wars Rogue One. Bad Batch takes place in the early middle between the two dark movies. The Bad Batch answers some of the curious questions regarding the clone storm troopers before A New Hope. We do get some hint of that answer.

This isn’t a show that’s about the Bad Batch/ Clone 99 hunting down the Jedi’s for the Empire like trailer showd. No this is a group of clones who have enhance abilities and think for themselves and is at a crossroads after order 66 is announce with the clone 99 at a very lost and confuse times to pick a side between the new Empire and the resistance from the fallout of 66.

Voice Actor Dee Bradley Barker voices the five members of Clone 99. Dee does a great job hiding his voice to create different personalities for Hunter, Wrecker, Tech, Crosshair and Echo. He is amazing with bouncing the dialogue between himself to play the different characters.

Dave Filoni introduce a new character name Omega voiced by Michelle Ang who brings this new character to life with a mysterious connection to Clone 99. Star Wars Fans will geek out when we see a Rebels connection and Clone Wars connect in first 30 minutes of the pilot to show everything is connected.


Sadley Disney gave the audience only one episode, so we will have to wait for a few days or next week to see where our Bad Batch goes next in episode 2.

OVERALL: 9.5/10

Dave Filoni as always gives Star Wars Fans another hit series with some surprise twist and direction from The Bad Batch which is a spinoff from Star Wars Clone Wars series. We have 16 episodes of the new series I can’t wait to see more from the new Star Wars CGI series. I highly recommend Star Wars Fans to give it a watch.


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