REVIEW: Invincible Episode 8

The built up to Mark vs Nolan is finally here! This episode is balls to the wall and will have audiences jaws drop with Nolan showing his true colors to Mark. If you’re a fan of the comic books you will know what’s about to go down between Mark and Nolan, after he cliffhanger in episode seven. MINOR SPOILERS


J.K Simmons is not only the voice of Nolan Grayson/Omni-Man, he should be the casting choice to play him in a live action movie. He voices him like he is playing him a live action movie, and in episode eight he is the highlight and the next big villain in pop culture. The scenes between Mark Nolan was intense and crazy. For a animation series audiences will feel what Mark is going through while trying to fight his dad an save the people around him. After episode eight Steven Yuen and J.K Simmons are the voices of Invincible and Omni-Man. The brutal action in this episode is crazy and the animators are able to do what the people from Castlevania animated series from Netflix can do. They did not hold back with the brutality in this episode and how cold and unemotional Nolan is and what the true Viltrum is really capable of.


I missed a lot of the humor the show should bring from the comic books. Nolan is more ruthless in the show than he is in the comic books, some fans might have an issue with it.


The battle between Nolan and Mark is more brutal and ugly compared to the comic books. We see different things in the show compared to the comic books that works and I think fans might be happy with where the show is going in the second season.


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